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LG CNS has led the IT service industry by providing advanced IT services and successful solutions based on close partnerships with a diverse range of businesses since its foundation in 1987. With its successful experience such as developing and implementing financial, smart transportation and broadcasting IT systems, LG CNS has been creating value for its customers by embracing new challenges and continuing innovations including energy, healthcare solutions in North America and mobile payment.

The business environment is changing more rapidly than ever before. Innovative businesses armed with smart technologies are changing the game. Businesses in more traditional industries are trying to make a transition into digital businesses. Thus now innovation and change through IoT, cloud, big data, mobile, and Artificial Intelligence are all essential to the longevity of any business.

LG CNS strives to help its clients become leading innovators during a time of great change. We offer future-forward technical platforms and solutions developed by experienced professionals. Let LG CNS exceed your expectations.

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