Sustainability Management

Ethical Management

LG Code of Conduct specifies LG's responsibilities and duties for its customers and employees, the state and the community, and is the objective and specific standards which LG and its members should abide by for proper judgment and behavior.

Chapter 1. Responsibilities and Duties for Customers

We at LG shall secure unconditional confidence from our customers by respecting their opinions and consistently creating and providing values to them under the belief that customers are the true foundation of our business.

  1. 1. Customer respect

    We shall always pay attention to customers' opinions, think that their demands are always right, and put them as our top priority for all our judgments and actions.
  2. 2. Value creation

    (1) We shall make all efforts to find values customers need under the belief that the growth of our customers is also our growth.
    (2) We shall continue to create true values that may be helpful to and satisfy our customers.
  3. 3. Value provision

    (1) We shall always tell the truth to customers and keep promises with them.
    (2) We shall provide the best quality products and services to customers at reasonable prices and respond to their reasonable demands rapidly and accurately.
Chapter 2. Fair Competition

We at LG shall comply with relevant local laws and regulations to perform business activities around the world and secure competitive advantage through justifiable methods.

  1. 1. Pursuit of open competition

    We shall respect the order of market economy under the principle of open competition at any place around the world and secure confidence of customers through quality products and services.

    We shall compete in good faith fair and square with our skills and shall not infringe competitors' interest or use their weak points unfairly.
  2. 2. Compliance with the law

    We shall perform all business activities in and out of country by complying with all laws and regulations and respecting commercial practices.
Chapter 3. Fair Trades

All trades shall be made under the principle of open competition while equal opportunities are guaranteed. We shall pursue mutual development from the long-term perspective by establishing mutual confidence and cooperation through transparent and fair trades.

  1. 1. Fair opportunities

    (1) LG shall grant to all qualified companies equal opportunities to participate in the business partner selection process.
    (2) We at LG shall perform the business partner selection process using rational methods based on objective and fair evaluation standards.
  2. 2. Fair trade procedures

    (1) We shall make all trades with our partners fairly on an equal footing and fully discuss the trade conditions and procedures with them.
    (2) We shall not commit any forms of illegal acts by using our dominant position.
    (3) Information required for trades shall be provided on time through proper procedures and the results of trades shall be regularly evaluated based on fair standards to improve business practices.
  3. 3. Pursuit of mutual development

    (1) We shall actively support our business partners through technical support, management guidance, etc. and mutually share profits created through innovation so that they can secure competitiveness and prosper in the long term.
    (2) We shall make mutual efforts with our business partners to promote clean trade environment and maintain the order of fair trade.
Chapter 4. Basic Ethics of Employees

Employees at LG shall establish the proper ethical values with the firm conviction on honesty and fairness and fulfill their missions through ceaseless self-development and fair performance of their duty.

  1. 1. Basic ethics

    (1) Employees at LG shall have pride and self-esteem as LG people and be always honest and fair.
    (2) They shall make all efforts to keep their dignity and the honor of LG with high ethical standards.
  2. 2. Mission completion

    (1) Employees at LG shall perform their missions faithfully in accordance with the corporate vision and policy.
    (2) They shall do their best to perform given duties in justifiable methods and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
    (3) They shall use and maintain corporate properties properly and protect the acquired corporate trade secrets.
    (4) They shall increase work efficiency through active cooperation and communication among colleagues and relevant divisions.
  3. 3. Self-development

    Employees at LG shall define for themselves what a desired employee should be and steadily make efforts to meet the criteria of the desired employee through ceaseless self-development.
  4. 4. Fair performance of duties

    (1) Employees at LG shall make all efforts to perform all duties honestly and fairly and create the sound corporate culture all the time.
    (2) They shall not take any form of pecuniary interest that may impede the fairness of judgment from stakeholders in relation to duties.
    (3) They shall not do any immoral or unethical acts that may be criticized by the community in relation to their daily lives and duties.
  5. 5. Avoidance of conflicts of interest with the company

    (1) Employees at LG shall avoid any acts or relations that may cause conflicts of interest with the company.
    (2) They shall not use corporate properties without permission for private benefits.
Chapter 5. Responsibilities for Employees

LG shall make all efforts to respect all employees as human-beings, treat them fairly according to their abilities and achievements, and create an environment where they can realize their creativity.

  1. 1. Human respect

    (1) LG shall treat all employees as an independent human-being with the belief on and affection for them.
    (2) LG shall make all efforts to create an environment where employees can have a sense of ownership and achieve dignity and feel rewarded through the work they do.
    (3) LG shall take actions, including establishment of systems, training, and guidance, to create an environment where employees can perform their missions through justifiable methods.
  2. 2. Fair treatment

    (1) LG shall grant equal opportunities to its employees according to their abilities and skills.
    (2) LG shall evaluate the abilities and achievements of its employees based on the fair standards and reward them accordingly.
  3. 3. Promotion of creativity

    (1) LG shall make all efforts to create an environment that can promote the creative thinking and autonomous behavior of its employees.
    (2) LG shall actively support its employees to develop their abilities and nurture its human resources from the long-term perspective.
    (3) LG shall respect its employees' private lives and promote the mature organization culture based on mutual confidence and understanding.
Chapter 6. Responsibilities for the State and the Community

LG shall protect shareholders' interests and contribute to the affluent life and social development of the nation by growing as a sound company through the rational business development.

  1. 1. Rational business development

    (1) Regardless of where they perform businesses, LG shall respect the local social values.
    (2) LG shall promote the expansion of its businesses based on its stable growth.
  2. 2. Protection of shareholders' interests

    LG shall faithfully protect the shareholders' investment profits by realizing the sound profits through effective management.
  3. 3. Contribution to social development

    LG shall contribute to national development by creating jobs and faithfully paying taxes and to social development through culture and welfare businesses.
  4. 4. Environmental protection

    LG shall make the best efforts to prevent environmental pollution and protect the nature for the preservation of the clean environment.