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Ethical Management

Management by Principle Activities
Operation of
Office of Ethics
LG CNS has the Office of Ethics in the Management by Principle business unit under the Office of President for the systematic implementation of Management by Principle. In addition, it operates in-house as well as external desks for reporting incidents related to Management by Principle and counseling grievances.
Training on Management by Principle LG CNS has performed training on Management by Principle to new and career employees, new managers, leaders, etc. and has held on-site field training for each business unit and subsidiary. Besides, LG CNS has shared the concept of Management by Principle with the CEOs of our business partners.
Promotion of Management by Principle LG CNS has promoted communication on Management by Principle through the in-house bulletin board and has provided a variety of document forms relating to Code of Conduct and Management by Principle. In addition, LG CNS has continuously performed PR activities for Management by Principle.
Pledge of Management by Principle All employees sign a pledge every year under which they pledge the compliance with the LG Code of Conduct and the Management by Principle. Moreover, all business partners that trade with LG CNS also pledge that they will join the Management by Principle activities by signing a pledge at the time of registering as a LG partner.
Ethics Hotline LG CNS operates Ethics Hotline ( to which anyone can report any act of violation of LG Code of Conduct. Furthermore, you can also report such violations using a phone, fax, etc.
Bribe Reporting System LG CNS strictly prohibits its employees from possessing the shares of its business partners or receiving money or other valuables on national holidays or when promoted. In such cases, the corresponding employees should report to the Office of Ethics voluntarily.