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Smart Green Solution

Creating a Future City, as We Imagined

The Creation of a Future City Requires Careful Consideration for the Environment and the Convenience and Safety of Residents
The continuing influx of population is forcing cities to sprawl outward, while technological advances are rapidly expanding the original function of a city – the provision of a comfortable and pleasant living environment, thus leading to increasing concerns about energy supply, safety and environmental impact.

LG CNS Implements a “Smart Green City” that Provides Urban Services at a Different Level
With its Smart Green City, LG CNS effectively resolves a wide range of urban issues and provides urban services at a completely different level. LG CNS’ Smart Green City successfully achieves a balance between convenience, safety and the environment by providing reliable supply and efficient management of energy, a smart management system for city-center buildings, and management for a comfortable and pleasant urban environment.

Smart Green Solution Offers the Answer for Creating a Future City just as Imagined
The Smart Green Solution by LG CNS is a total solution for implementing a Smart Green City platform. Based on convergence and smart technologies, the solution controls equipment and infrastructure within homes, buildings, and urban facilities in an integrated manner and creates urban spaces that offer greater safety and convenience. LG CNS provides a complete package of services ranging from consulting to design and operation.
Smart Green Solution
Service Offering
Implementation and integrated operations of BAS(Building Automation System) (power supply, equipment, lighting system), BMS (Building Management System) (parking management,access control), electrical equipment agement solutions(electric power source, IT, digital switchboard, LED lightingsystem), and machinery management solutions (ventilation system, high efficiency inverter)
Urban Facility
Management and operations of urban facilities, including digital signage (digital information system)
management and leakage monitoring
We provide solutions for energy savings and for development and management of new and renewable energy.

ESSWe use energy storage system (ESS) to store electricity in the battery and provide the stored electricity to customers (power generation, distribution and consumption) upon their requests. Originally, its usage was mainly the management of maximum electricity consumption in electrical facilities. Currently, however, its usage encompasses various other applications, including ensuring stable supply of electricity and providing auxiliary services for electrical systems coupled with new and renewable energies.
MicrogridWe use distributed generation and energy storage system (ESS) to build and manage systems called microgrid that provides electricity to consumers. Microgrid enables a variety of comprehensive energy management services for remote areas and communities.
AMIWe use Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that consists of smart meters and meter data management system (MDMS) to manage information on real-time electricity demand on a large scale. It enhances the quality of electricity-related services and makes it easy to manage the electricity demand.
xEMSWe provide a solution, such as BEMS (building), FEMS (factory), and REMS (retail), that analyzes and optimizes the energy consumption and its pattern for a variety of consumers.
Solar LightWe develop businesses such as building a power plant that produces electricity through solar light and provide engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services.
New and Renewable
We produce electricity and heat by using alternate fuels, wind power, and fuel cells and sell them to consumers who need electricity or heat.
EV Sharing Service & Charging Infrastructure
Real-time EV reservation/pick-up/return for EV Sharing Service, and implementation and operation of EV charging infrastructure
Eunpyeong u-City
LG CNS successfully enhanced the living environment and urban management efficiency for the Eunpyeong New Town by seamlessly integrating and interconnecting the old and new towns as well as the existing and new systems. The Integrated Urban Management Center, carefully implemented with a focus on economic feasibility, service stability and scalability (based on demand forecast), functions as the brain of Eunpyeong u-City.
Pangyo u-City
LG CNS created an eco-friendly living environment that enhances the quality of residents’ lives with 14 different convergence services. Recognized as an exemplary case for u-City implementation, Pangyo u-City is widely benchmarked at home and abroad.
Solar Power Plant in Taean
It is the largest solar power plant in Korea with the land of 300,000 square meters. It produces electricity of 19 gigawatts and reduces carbon dioxide of 12,000 tons every year. 1
ESS in LG Chem's Iksan Plant
This system was built to reduce the electricity bill of LG Chem's chemical plant and control its maximum energy usage. It is recognized as the largest ESS in the world among those currently operating. 1