Big Data

Provision of consulting / execution / solution services based on domain expertise in industries, advanced analysis competency, and technological leadership in big data

We lead customer service innovation by operating Korea's largest big data organization that combines traditional DB / BI competency, advanced big data analysis, and specialized technological competency.
Many companies around the world are improving their competitiveness by utilizing big data. But not all of them can succeed. It is because every company has different business and data environments. Successful use of big data requires precise understanding of the industry and business, as well as expertise in big data analysis and technology. LG CNS provides total big data service to customers who need to secure a competitive edge in the digital service environment, based on domain expertise in industries including electronics, manufacture, finance, communications, public service, and other services, and based on advanced big data analysis competency using machine learning, deep learning, etc.

We realize customer value by providing verified services based on the past success.
LG CNS has the largest reference regarding big data in Korea. In addition, as the number 1 company in big data with rich experience in big data operation, it can provide the optimal solution customized to customers' business and IT environments. LG CNS possesses a lot of solutions such as enhancement of manufacturing QA process, management of information analysis system, real-time customer marketing service based on big data technology and advanced analysis, social data-based R&D technology sensing, VOC analysis and quality improvement, financial transaction FDS, enhancement of information security monitoring, etc.

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The biggest domestic reference
in big data area

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200 people

The number of DW/BI and big data experts as
Korea's largest specialized big data organization

Core Competency
  • Model analysis based on domain expertise in industries, development and optimization of algorithms, and management of analysis life cycle
  • Experience in establishing the largest big data system in Korea with DW / BI execution competency
  • Technological leadership in open source platform
    - Development of LG CNS's own platform, open source contribution and troubleshooting
  • End-to-end services ranging from provision of big data platform to development and analysis solutions
Service Offerings
  • Consulting on big data analysis and building platforms
  • Consulting on and implementation of hybrid information architecture combining DW / BI and big data architecture
  • Lab service for consulting on and execution of big data architecture and developing a model and algorithm for optimization analysis (On-premise, cloud)
  • Prototyping and lab service for the verification of new technology (On-premise, cloud)
  • Provision of SBP appliance model by the business type
    - For computing, storage, streaming, etc.
  • Development of big data solution
    - SBP (Smart Big Data Platform): Hadoop-based big data platform, provision of workflow development tools
    - SRA (Smart R Analytics): Open-source R-based tool for big data analysis guaranteeing high performance
      and productivity
Service Offerings
Business Achievements
  • Electronics / Manufacture
    (LG electronics, LG Chem., LG Display)
    - Implemented analysis platform for smart device log.
    - Improved the structure and performance of consolidated architecture.
    - Improved the quality improvement system for process / facilities.
    - Implemented long-term storage system for responding to quality audit.
    - Implemented collection and analysis platform for atypical video data.

  • Financial / Public Institutions
    (KB Card, KB Insurance, Hyundai Card, Korea Land and Housing Corporation, Gyeonggi-do)
    - Implemented integrated monitoring system for security log.
    - Improved big data-based recommendation system.
    - Implemented real-time marketing platform based on digital service.
    - Implemented integration and analysis platform for public data.
    - Improved management of risks caused by linking the inside and outside data.

  • Communications / Services
    (LG U+, Lotte Home Shopping, Kakao, Coupang)
    - Implemented system for detecting and analyzing problems in the infrastructure in advance.
    - Improved the architecture of real-time broadcasting service.
    - Implemented recommendation service for digital content customization.
    - Implemented early detection system for abnormal transactions in a business branch.
    - Implemented development and analysis platform for new services.