Financial Automation

Harnessing IT and mechatronics technology to maximize customer value and staff efficiency within the cash-based transaction industry

What we do
We help tellers put more focus on delivering the core value that only human interactions can provide by freeing them from tasks that can be done otherwise. Not only does automation of routine tasks reduce staff workload and the voids left by human hands, but it also enables tellers to listen to customer needs and recommend well-suited financial products. In addition, as banking environment changes with time, automation of financial service can enhance customer experience by providing more options open for both the senior and the digitally engaged millennial to come.

How we do
With years of experience in the banking industry, we are known for standing by the side of banks and sharing the same question : how does this automation help the business? Combining hands-on experiences of banking system development and branch design for major financial institutions, we help banks harness leading technologies at optimal cost by streamlining the process and trajectory. Our reporting tools enable our customers to have clear visibility across the system and provide business model insight which in result can lead to higher profitability.

Our customers know firsthand that our product and service is unsurpassed in its professionalism and expertise. We have serviced major Korean commercial banks (NH bank, KB Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank and the Industrial Bank of Korea) as well as major non-bank financial institutions (KFSS, Hyndai Securities and Shinhan Card). We also have supplied over 10,000 cash recyclers to more than 10 countries worldwide which are currently in operation.

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Covering up to 40% of
the Korean market for 5 years

Core Competency
  • Mechatronics/control and bill validation technology, H/W Integration, embedded S/W, nationwide service network (installation and maintenance)
Automated Teller Machine
Teller Cash Recycler
Cash Dispenser
1.Automated Teller Machine 2.Teller Cash Recycler 3.Cash Dispenser
Smart ATM

We are poised to serve customers with different needs at any locations. Our Smart ATM can be customized to meet various requirements including printing out government documents, loading prepaid cards, video-conferencing with bank tellers and many others. It may be located outside bank branches to deliver rich, seamless customer experience across channels. Please contact our sales team for more information.
4.Smart ATM
Cash Recycling Module

We also provide the cash recycler module for manufacturer-distributors. Please contact our sales team for more information.
Corporate Customers
  • Domestic : Nonghyup, Woori, Shinhan, KEBHana, KB Kookmin, Busan, Korea Post, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives, National Credit Union Federation of Korea
  • Global : Fis in China, US, Italy, India, Indonesia