Cross Industries

IT Security

LG CNS implements a safe business system through convergence with other areas based on security technology and platform.

LG CNS provides customized security consulting.
The company provides five security consulting services (drawing up a master plan for information security, privacy impact assessment, information security certification, convergence security, vulnerability diagnosis / simulation hacking) and customized services.

LG CNS provides its own security solution that reflects rich experience and expertise in the implementation of various security systems.
The company provides network security solution based on hardware that guarantees network availability and supports massive packet processing. The company provides a total solution for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) smart device security and security vulnerabilities in companies' wireless network environment. The company provides a management solution integrated with physical security to recognize and respond to security incidents promptly based on real-time security control and integrated management.

LG CNS provides information security and physical security services based on the cloud infrastructure.
The company provides monitoring and response services against harmful or unauthorized traffic in network areas and PC areas. The company also provides integrated management services that guarantee the security for ID cards, access permission management, and access control infrastructure (reader, server, and application).

Core Competency
  • Implementation of various security systems for corporations and public institutions for a decade.
  • Possession of proprietary security solutions by continuously upgrading its own security solutions.
Service Offerings
  • Implementation of security system
    The company implements various security solutions such as prevention of information leakage, information security for intrusion prevention, physical security, and convergence security.

  • Security management
    The company provides integrated security management for on- /off-line areas of IT infrastructure by using security system based on cloud infrastructure.

  • Security consulting and vulnerability diagnosis
    The company provides consulting on system security, reflecting customers' business needs and IT strategy and responding to security compliance needs.
Service Offerings
Corporate Customers
LG Co. Ltd., LG Electronics, LG Chem, LG U+, Kakao, Korea Exchange Bank , Ntreev Soft, Financial Security Institute, IronNos, Kinx, Gabia, etc.