Stand-alone Microgrid

Source of new and renewable power generation + Energy storage system + Control and operation solution

It replaces the existing sources of power generation such as diesel with new and renewable sources such as solar energy, wind, and geothermal energy, and combines the energy storage system (ESS) to provide new and renewable energy stably and reduce CO2, NOx, SOx, etc. dramatically.

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island project

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The company will carry out 100% environmentally-friendly energy project
aiming at making the Ulleungdo island
a self-supporting island.

Core Competency
  • More than 50 times of experience in related fields including the construction of the world’s largest photovoltaic plant (200 MW).
  • Proprietary solutions throughout the whole areas of microgrid, ranging from power generation to transmission/ distribution to consumption.
Service Offerings
  • The company designs and implements sources of new and renewable power generation such as solar energy, wind, water, and geothermal energy.
  • The company establishes the foundation for securing quality new and renewable power through ESS.
  • The company implements the optimal operating system for power generation facilities.
Business Achievements
  • The company is executing the environmentally-friendly energy project aiming at self-supporting the Ulleungdo island. The project aims at replacing the island’s energy generation using diesel (96%) with the environmentally-friendly energy (100%) by 2025.
  • The same project will be carried out by the company in Jodo Island and Geomundo Island.