Sustainability Management

Safty Health, Environment

Environment/Safety and Health Management Certification

LG CNS has established and is operating an environment, safety and health management system. Based on the system, we plan actions to take(Plan), perform and operate according to plans(Do), perform checks(Check) and gather feedbacks for improvements(Action), which is called a P-D-C-A cycle.

As a result of such series of efforts, we received an environmental management certificate(ISO14001) in 2014 and an occupational health and safety management system certificate(OHSAS 18001), and we maintain these certifications through post reviews, etc.

ISO 14001

[ISO 14001]

OHSAS 18001

[OHSAS 18001]

ISO 14001

An international accreditation system that evaluates whether the environmental management system meets the international specifications. The environmental management system identifies the factors consistently influencing the environment over all the corporate activities and improves environmental management.

OHSAS 18001

An international accreditation system that evaluates whether the safety and health management system meets the international requirements. The safety and health management system identifies risk factors in the organizational activities and continuously manage those risk factors to ensure the safe and healthy working environment.

Green Data Center Certification
Sangam Data Center Certificate

[Sangam Data Center Certificate]

Busan Data Center Certificate

[Busan Data Center Certificate]

Incheon Data Center Certificate

[Incheon Data Center Certificate]

LG CNS has carried out the following activities to improve people's perception and lay the foundation for the industrial development through promoting the energy efficiency (reduction) of data centers, which require a lot of power.
Through these activities, LG CNS Sangam IT Data Center has acquired a grade of A for two consecutive years from 2013 to 2014 and, particularly, the Busan Data Center earned a grade of A+++ in 2014, which is the highest grade for the Green Data Center certification.
Also, the Incheon Data Center, which is 25 years old and the first dedicated data center in Korea, earned the A+ Green Data Center Certification in 2016.

- Minimizing energy consumption and operating expenses of data centers and establishing the standards on energy efficiency

- Establishing the policy, operating system, and process for improving energy efficiency

- Improving global competitiveness of the data center industry, promoting energy efficiency, and propagating good practices

- Reducing carbon footprint of data centers and contributing to the corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Green Data Center Certification Grades

There are four certification grades and a total of 100 points can be acquired. The acquired points are used to calculate grades. Among the 100 points, the data center infrastructure efficiency index accounts for 80 points and the green activity index accounts for 20 points.

A: 60 - 69 points, A+: 70 - 79 points, A++: 80 - 89 points, A+++: 90 - 100 points

Brill Awards
Brill Awards

Busan Data Center was highly recognized for its uniqueness in using latest technologies (considering both energy efficiency and safety from the design phase) and received the Brill Awards in the field of design as the excellent data center in May, 2014. Busan Data Center is the world's only data center with a "wind path" chimney and uses a "built-in air-conditioning system using economizer cycle", for which a patent application was submitted. In particular, the data center used the base isolation system for the first time in Korea and was recognized in the industry for its thorough preparation for disasters and calamities, including the ability to provide uninterrupted service even in the event of an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 on the Richter scale.

Brill Awards

The Brill Awards are the most prestigious awards in the industry and winners are selected every year by the Uptime Institute, the only data center certification organization in the world. Among more than 23,000 data centers in the world, 100 data centers from 19 countries are first selected and 18 outstanding data centers finally receive the Brill Awards after being screened by 90 or more experts.

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