Sustainability Management

Safty Health, Environment

Operation of Industrial Safety and Health Committee

To increase safety and health of the workplace through active participation of its employees, LG CNS operates the Industrial Safety and Health Committee. The management and employee representatives gather together for the Industrial Safety and Health Committee quarterly and discuss and decide the important matters regarding the safety and health of the workplace.

Emergency Response Drill

Headquarters and Office Facilities

In headquarters and other office buildings, we conduct emergency response drills to ensure the safety of employees in case of an emergency. In the FKI Tower, the headquarters, we have formed the close cooperation system with concerned organizations including the Seoul branch of National Emergency Management Agency, Architectural Facility Team of Youngdeungpo district office, etc. and have prepared manuals by scenario in preparation for disasters such as fire or earthquake.

Data Center

In addition to the regular office buildings, we conduct emergency action drills according to scenarios once a week as well as integrated emergency response drills at least once a year for our data centers, by preparing response scenarios for any risk factors that may stop data center operations such as natural disasters, outages, infrastructure failures, etc. so that we can protect our clients' data and ensure stable operations. We have emergency power supply system ready in case of blackout and have emergency power supply plan comprised of three or more phases. In addition, we operate an organization for protecting the lives and safety of employees and for stable operation and recovery of data centers in case of an emergency and have emergency response plans in place to protect the lives of employees and the corporate facilities at the same time.

Field Safety Checkup Activities

To achieve disaster- and injury-free project sites, the Safe Work Environment Team regularly conducts the safety checkup at the sites and continuously carries out improvement activities by finding the risk factors affecting the safety of the sites.

Field Safety Checkup Activities