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LG CNS IT Dream Project, which has started in 2008, carries out a six-month IT mentoring program where youths dreaming to become IT specialists seek for a way to achieve their dreams together with the employees of LG CNS. In addition, youths meet famous IT companies and specialists through the IT Dream Camp held during summer vacation, get the career exploration training, complete their own roadmap for growth, and make their dreams a reality.

2014 7th

IT Dream Project

Recruitment and Selection
LG CNS IT Dream Project, which started to recruit participants beginning April, 2014, selected 21 high school students as 7th IT dreamers based on their activity plans for overseas trips and mentorship.
Starting Ceremony
Twenty-one IT dreamers had a starting ceremony at the auditorium in the headquarters of LG CNS. Among LG CNS employees, 19 dream mentors who volunteered and were selected for the project participated in the ceremony, exchanged hope flowerpots with IT dreamers, and set up 1:1 mentor relationships.
  • Starting Ceremony
IT Dream Camp
During the summer vacation, IT dreamers visited IT fields including LG CNS Sangam IT Data Center, NAVER Green Factory, Ahn Lab, Hanyang University, etc. and experienced the world of IT specialists while drawing the draft roadmap for growth through the career exploration training.
  • IT Dream Camp
IT Mentoring
IT dreamers and dream mentors had a one-to-one mentoring program four times and a group mentoring program once during the period from June to November. With dream mentors, IT dreamers sought for the way to become IT specialists and completed their own growth roadmap to become IT specialists through visits to work fields, participations in seminars and conferences, and meetings with various specialists.
  • IT Mentoring
Completion Ceremony
The completion ceremony which finished the 7th LG CNS IT Dream Project for 2014 was held in the headquarters of LG CNS. LG CNS released the activities and impressions of IT dreamers during the time and exhibited the completed roadmaps for growth in the in-house cafeteria, LG CNS employees cheering for the IT dreamers. In addition, IT dreamers prepared and published a collection of essays about IT dream mentoring activities.
  • Completion Ceremony
Homecoming Day
IT dreamers of all time from the first to sixth programs met together, reminisced the past activities, and built friendship with each other. Ji-Kong Kwon of the first dream project and Dae-Seong Lee of the fourth one presented their courses of finding dream through the IT dream project and they were well-received. All other IT dreamers also had a time to share their dreams.
  • Homecoming Day