Sustainability Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

LG CNS Smart Academy is a talent contribution program under which IT specialists in LG CNS teach their IT knowledge, technology, experience, etc. to youths who have dreams in the IT field.

Over a six-month period, the employees of LG CNS teach programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVA, etc. to IT specialist wannabes and transfers their expertise through practice programs such as Developing Mobile Applications (2013) and Developing Web Applications (2014) so that the students can develop an actual program by themselves.

Besides, a variety of IT-intensive programs including KAIST Smart Camp, visits to IT firms, special lectures of IT CEOs, mentoring by college students, career path examination, aptitude test, etc. are also provided to the students to be more helpful in realizing their IT dreams.

Through this, students obtain basic understanding on the programming by experiencing how to develop software and give more shape to their IT dreams through mentoring from their seniors who work in the field of IT.