Smart Factory

IT solution-based intelligent automated production system for securing competitiveness

We understand issues facing manufacturers.
Today, manufacturers make their all-out efforts to strengthen their production competitiveness by increasing their productivity and product quality. But, their existing factories have many problems. Some of them face inefficiency caused by defects in the initial factory design, and others experience difficulties due to the operating system inappropriate for their factory environment. These lead to the increase in production costs, not to mention lowered product quality.

LG CNS provides its proprietary solution developed in house by applying the cutting-edge IT technology.
The company has developed the optimal smart factory solution by utilizing the experience of IT technology-based system implementation in various industrial sites that has accumulated for the past two decades.
The company can design the optimal environment for factory operation by conducting simulation after designing the layout, logistics/production lines, and facility standardization. The company can implement PC-based facility control to enhance productivity and conduct real-time control at the PLC level through real-time performance management.

LG CNS provide services to various customers both at home and abroad.
The company provides its smart factory solution to most of the affiliates of LG group such as LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Innotek, LG Chem., etc.
The company has also established smart factories for Doosan Infracore, Doosan Machine Tools, Handok Pharmaceuticals, Hanmi Pharmaceutical, etc. It also provides smart factory solutions to big companies overseas.

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60 Companies

The number of companies that
adopted the smart factory solution of LG CNS
at both home and abroad

Core Competency
  • Best practices obtained through the system implementation experience accumulated for the past two decades
  • System operation based on the patented BizActor Platform
  • Quick and easy installation and usage thanks to PC-based light structure
  • Lots of communication protocols for the interface between systems and between devices
  • Cloud-based solution
Type of Solutions
  • ezMES
    It enhances productivity by managing performance according to the plan in real time and increases work efficiency by sharing the current production status in real time. The company has industry-specific solutions applied with best practices of the industry along with standard MES solutions.

  • ezControl
    This PC-based control solution can precisely control all production / logistics / utility facilities in the factory at the PLC level in real time. Through ezControl, you can construct lines composed of different kinds of complicated equipment flexibly as you want. Plus, various modeling tools and a simulation function are provided by default so that you can construct a control system rapidly and easily.

  • ezUMS
    It monitors and controls all the environment and utilities so that they can operate in the optimal conditions, improving product quality. It also checks and controls energy consumption not only at the whole factory level, but also at each unit process.

  • BizActor
    It excludes the coding method, which is a traditional development method, and provides the processes in the form of business rules to separate the applications from the processes. It also provides various management functions to maintain efficient performance at the system operation level.
Smart Factory Solution
Business Achievements
  • ezMES
    Implementation of global MES for LG Electronics
    Implementation of G2 / DICC MES for Doosan Infracore

  • ezControl
    Implementation of CTC for LG Display

  • FAConnector
    Implementation of GP1 and GP2 for CA factory of LG Display

  • ezUMS
    Implementation of energy management solution for Ochang factory of LG Chem