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Industry-Specific IT Service
Since then, it has consistently been growing, successfully carrying out projects in a wide range of industrial fields.
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Specialized Consulting
Based on differentiated consulting capability, LG CNS offers a variety of consulting services, including business strategy planning and process innovation, to create customer value.
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Total Outsourcing
LG CNS provides IT services with global-level operational quality to customers across industry sectors . We help our customers succeed by combining customers’ business process with a platform optimized with smart technology.
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Providing Safer and More Efficient Services to Customers across the World

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LGCNS provides non-disruptive IT services to ensure safeguarding of our clients' crucial information assets and to help their businesses move forward by implementing world-class data center facilities and system operating environments.

O System Operation Services
With more than 25 years of experiences in data center operations, our teams of experts in the fields of system design, deployment and operation implement optimized operating processes and standardized/automated environments to improve the quality and productivity of operation. Plus, we design, deploy and operate cloud environments by expanding the application of the latest open sources to ensure scalability and cost-effectiveness as well as legacy systems such as servers, networks, databases and web application servers (WAS).
Based on our clients' needs, we provide private/public cloud services and SaaS(, while extending our services to systems in the finance and government sectors.

O Data Center White Space/Deployment/Relocation/Operation Services
Having 4 data centers in Sang-am, Gasan, Incheon and Busan respectively, which ensure flexible responses to our clients' various business environments and protection against adverse events such as natural disasters, intrusions or hackings, we provide reliable services to our domestic and overseas clients through redundant networks.
In particular, LGCNS developed and applied its patented 'built-up exterior air conditioning system' to enhance energy efficiency. As a result, we achieved the PUE (power usage effectiveness) parallel to the world's leading IT enterprises, reduced operating costs by implementing Green IT, received the highest grade in Green Data Center Certification and won the Brill Awards, the most respected awards for global data centers.