Providing Safer and More Efficient Services to Customers across the World

Since the launch of Korea’s first commercial data center, the Incheon Data Center, LG CNS has continued its efforts to provide a safer and more efficient service to customers. LG CNS currently operates the Incheon Data Center, the Sangam IT Data Center, and the Gasan Data Center in Korea as well as data centers at three global hub locations (U.S., Europe, and China). In particular, the 2013 launch of the Busan Global Cloud Data Center, which is poised to replace Singapore and Hong Kong as the hub center of East Asia, further strengthened LG CNS’ capacity as a global data center service provider.

In addition to N+1 redundancy of equipment, seismic isolation design, and maximum power efficiency, LG CNS data centers are also recognized at home and abroad for their “green” operations, which incorporate standardized and automated operational environments and processes. Based on its operational capacity proven by successfully managing and controlling over 120,000 servers across 80 countries, LG CNS continues to provide highly efficient and 24/7 uninterrupted service to customers worldwide.

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