Technological Strategy
  • LG CNS 기술전략 브랜드

  • LG CNS leads its clients’ digital innovation by using its digital technologies.
  • R and D 이미지
Main Areas of Research
Digital Transformation
We perform research and development on industrial IT solutions by integrating experiences from numerous projects in various industries and on-site operations of global companies with the latest IT technologies, such as IoT, Cloud, Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), predictive maintenance, and optimization algorithms.

  • - Smart Factory / Logistics Solutions, Energy Management Solutions, Financial Solutions—Banking, Card & Insurance, Transportation Solutions, IoT Security Solutions.
Artificial Intelligence
We perform research and development on technologies for deep learning algorithm optimization (e.g., convolutional neural networks, Recurrent Neural Networks) and data processing, applications and relevant systems for artificial intelligence (AI), and infrastructure.

  • - Deep Learning Based Image & Object Recognition, Detection Algorithms, Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
  • - Deep Learning Based Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Question / Answer Algorithm
  • - Automatic Machine Learning, AI Cloud
Big Data Analytics
We perform research and development on technologies for collecting, saving and managing structured and unstructured big data, and real-time high-performance analytics technologies for extracting meaningful information.

  • - DAP (Data Analytics & AI Platform) is a cloud-based platform that integrates and provides a series of processes of creating big data value - from data collection to advanced analysis and visualization - and advanced development environment for artificial intelligence services
  • - Hadoop / Hadoop Ecosystem Technologies, Big Data Platform Technologies for Collection / Storage / Processing / Management
  • - R Based Analytics Platforms, High Performance Analytics Algorithms
    - Machine Learning Based Real-time Local Analytics, Embedded Analytics Container Technology
Cloud & Architecture
Research and development on the latest technology and platform related to the framework for efficient IT life cycle, tool, and middleware, such as: platform for implementing optimal services; service/data distribution technology; automation tool and solution in the analysis, design, and development phases; and performance monitoring to optimize resources.

  • - IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud Service Brokerage, Micro Service Architecture
  • - Model Driven Development(MDD), Development Frameworks, Automation Tools for Development / Testing
  • - Open Source Based Enterprise Web / WAS Servers, Application Performance Management Solutions, Cloud Management Platform
    - MSA(Micro Service Architecture), GPU Architecture(CUDA), Serverless Computing

R&D Organizations
Information Technology Research Center, AI Big Data Research Center, Smart Factory Solution Team, Energy Solution Team, Medical Solution Team, Transportation Solution Team, Architecture Solution Team