Energy Storage System (ESS)

An optimized energy storage system

We provide the best services from energy consulting, construction and operation.
LG CNS is the leader in the ESS market both by the size and the number of the ESS construction, delivering professional energy consulting services to power generation companies and power consumers. Built upon many years of engineering experiences, our high quality batteries, PCS and EMS systems designed for efficiency, safety and availability help our customers perfectly respond to any problems.

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No. 1
in the domestic ESS market

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The world's 7th ESS Integrator
in 2016 according to Navigant Research

Core Competency
  • No. 1 in the domestic ESS market (85MW/85MWh)
  • 7th place and 4th place in the world in 2016 and 2015, respectively according to Navigant Research
  • Energy consulting, energy engineering, reliable construction and maintenance
  • Application-specific EMS solution optimization
Type of Solutions
  • Utility
    Frequency Regulation, Spinning Reserve, Renewable Integration for Wind/Solar, Voltage Management

  • C&I
    Demand Response, Emergency Power Source, Peak Management
ESS Solution
ESS for KEPCO’s amplitude modulation
- Nongong Substation (36MW, under construction)
- Uiryeong Substation (24MW/8MWh)
- Shin Youngin Substation (8MW)
Energy reduction ESS for LG Chemicals
- Iksan plant 3MW/27MWh
- Ochang plant 4.5MW/21.3MWh (under construction)
ESS for KEPCO’s amplitude modulation Energy reduction ESS for LG Chemicals