Smart Green Platform

This platform for industrial IoT software can monitor and control various facilities and equipment through a simple setting, and its service can be expanded to IaaS/PaaS/SaaS (on-premise).

Any Device
Devices previously used can be connected through a simple setting, and new devices can be connected by adding a software adopter module.

Any Space
This can be applied not only to various mobile sensors and devices in IT & OT areas, but also to fixed devices in data centers and factories. It also allows large-scale integrated management by expanding its use from a single area to wider areas.

Any Service
We have various applications developed based on SGP according to the market needs. Thanks to this, you can select and combine required services easily and can develop customized applications quickly by using the SDK (Software Development Kit).

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The Number of devices that can be monitored
at the same time

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90 or so

The number of devices supported
by communications modules

Core Competency
  • Web-based, high performance architecture that processes more than 300,000 devices
  • Provision of communication modules for more than 90 devices secured through various projects
  • Compatibility with various operating systems and DBMSs
  • Provision of SDK for the 3rd parties and developers as well as the solution training system
Service Offerings
  • Implementation of integrated control system
    - Implementation of integrated control system for various industrial facilities
    - Integrated SI for buildings, disaster prevention and safety functions for factories, monitoring of photovoltaic facilities, and monitoring of UPS

  • Provision of software platform for industrial IoT purposes
    - Provision of communication modules for various devices
    - Support for application development through SDK and provision of technological consulting

  • Support for the development of business models in various ways
    - Finished solutions can be delivered in various ways, including OEM and white-labeling.

  • SGP consists of Smart Enterprise, Smart Builder, Smart Connect, and Smart ESB.

    Smart Enterprise :
    It performs functions such as real-time data collection, judgment, processing, and spreading and is comprised of a batch server and push server.

    Smart Builder :
    It provides a HMI tool for creating a control screen that allows you to configure and manage data that you want to monitor and control.

    Smart Connect :
    It is pre-loaded with protocols used for communication with devices, and you can connect to a device by selecting a protocol for the device without any separate development.

    Smart ESB :
    It provides the EAI function that allows you to connect SGP with other systems.
Smart Green Platform Solution
Business Achievements
  • Serve One Remote Monitoring / Group Control System
  • Implementation of integrated control for LG CNS Data center in Busan
LG CNS 부산 데이터 센터