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LG CNS provides optimized
cloud services across many business areas
with public cloud, multi/hybrid cloud expertise.

Become an LG CNS partner today and see what cloud can do for
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LG CNS has a high level of understanding and cloud technology expertise in various customer businesses, including finance, aviation, and manufacturing. Our Build Center and Cloud Launch Center are dedicated application modernization (AM) organizations that update IT system implementation and building application in line with the cloud environment.
LG CNS provides customized cloud services optimized for each customer’s needs.

LG CNS provides optimized cloud services across many business areas with public cloud, multi/hybrid cloud expertise.

  • Public Cloud First

    Prioritize implementing public cloud that is optimized to give our customers agility, productivity enhancement and cost reduction

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Optimal combination of public cloud and private cloud
    tailored to customer’s business

  • Multi Cloud

    Providing multi-cloud to our customers regarding their business environment and cloud service providers’ technical experties

LG CNS provides a full range of cloud services including:
consulting → migration → implementation → operation.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Migration

Cloud Native Development

  1. Cloud Native Development

    Building cloud environment with cutting-edge technology of global cloud service providers (AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud)

  2. Agile Development

    Innovating the customer’s business through the process of dividing complex projects into simple and repetitive cycles and quickly reflecting customer requirements as needed

  3. DevOps

    A compound word of ‘Develop’ and ‘Operations’. DevOps improves productivity and quality through agile collaboration between the person in charge of development and the person in charge of operation.

  4. Container

    Container technology is applied to create light and fast business applications and to automate application deployment, expansion, and management.

  5. MicroService Architecture (MSA)

    Core technology of application modernization (AM) to divide the system into smaller units for business agility and elastic operation of the cloud

Cloud Operations

LG CNS continuously expands network with local and global partners with cloud-specific expertise.

LG CNS effectively supports customer DX by carrying out R&D and business discovery with partners through open innovation.

  • DX company with best knowledge of AWS

    LG CNS’s Cloud Launch Center provides customers
    with the latest AWS technologies and supports the planning,
    development, and operation of cloud-optimized applications.

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  • Google Cloud No. 1 Partner

    LG CNS has the rich experience and know-how
    of successfully supporting customers’ DX
    based on Google Cloud.

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Here are some examples of LG CNS successfully
supporting customers’ DX through the cloud.

Learn how LG CNS is innovating corporate business with the cloud.

  • The first successful company-wide
    cloud transition of global airline

    We achieved business innovation through cloud migration

  • Cloud operation service in Finance sector

    We support DX for financial companies
    that prioritize stability and security.

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