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Digital Customer Experience

LG CNS is innovating customer experience
in a digital environment using
new DX technology.

The DCX Center is an expert organization that analyzes customer behavior data to analyze customer pain points
and create customer’s digital experience innovations. Experts in various fields, such as customer experience consulting, digital touchpoint UX/UI, and customer experience management solutions,
suggest the most advanced level of digital customer experience strategies.
*DCX : Digital Customer eXperienceㅣ *UX : User eXperienceㅣ *UI: User Interface

DCX maximizes customer value in the digital environment through systematic and innovative processes for design, build, optimization, etc.

  • Consulting & Design

    We understand customers from various angles by analyzing customer experience journey and customer behavior data for the purpose of establishing strategies to satisfy customers by segmenting customer groups based on various criteria such as age, gender, and interests.

  • Create & Build

    Based on the strategy prepared in the design phase, we develop various IT services such as customer consultation chatbots, callbots, kiosks, customer center apps, and online shopping malls, etc.
    In this process, we utilize new IT such as AI and big data analysis, etc.

  • Run & Optimize

    We are continuously improving digital channels through customer feedback.
    For this, we utilize Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution that expose appropriate content and recommended products for each individual based on customer behavior data.

Here are the main services of DCX Center.

We provide customer experience innovation services in a variety of fields such as experience design, channel system building, interactive services, and 3D.

We utilize CXM optimized for your business. The CXM solution analyzes various customer experience data to quickly derive the desired results and propose customized services.

Establishment of CXM solution
Providing a framework for designing customer experiences by analyzing customer behavior data and corporate data, and supporting an environment that can manage customer journeys by composing UX and content suitable for each channel, such as mobile and web, through scenario analysis
*CXM : Customer Experience Management

Data-based customer experience improvement
Defining the roles and goals of various digital channels, measuring the performance of each channel, and drawing implications by tracking customer behavior for each channel with the collected data

Integrated CXM operation

Take a look at the various digital customer experience methodologies of the DCX Center.

Experience design methodology

Ideas that can improve the digital customer experience are designed and ways to realize them are suggested.

4D Methodology

It is a design method to discover customer-centric service. 4D stands for “Discover,” “Define,” “Develop,” and “Deliver.”

User Experience (UX) Diagnosis Consulting Methodology

The existing system is assessed from the user’s point of view to suggest a new UX direction.

CXM Methodology

Customer experience is improved based on customer data collected from digital touchpoints.

Channel Fulfillment Methodology

It refers to the implementation method that precedes the next stage of UX planning while UX planning and system development are carried out.

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

  • KB Kookmin Bank

    Liv asset management platform
    Experience design consulting

  • AVON

    Establishment of integrated websites and
    digital catalogs

  • U Cube

    Optimization of work experience
    using new technology

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