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LG CNS creates customer value
through practical services
such as digital identity authentication
and digital asset trading, etc.

LG CNS is introduces services that revolutionize our lives
with blockchain technology, including mobile ID cards,
used battery distribution history tracking, and digital currency.

* LG CNS’s Web3 business aims to drive domestic client’s business innovation through Web3 technology, and we are committed to making our services in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Digital Asset Users (Act No. 19563, enacted on July 18, 2023), protecting user rights and ensuring transparent transactions.

LG CNS, along with commercial banks,
is taking the lead in changing the digital financial market in line with the upcoming digital currency era.

In order to preemptively prepare for technological changes expected due to the Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC) issuance, LG CNS has built a pilot digital currency platform with commercial banks including NongHyup Bank, Woori Bank, and Shinhan Bank. LG CNS is leading clients to innovate in the future financial sector by actively promoting blockchain technology research related to digital currency issuance, distribution, and settlement.

LG CNS is taking the lead in building an NFT issuance/distribution platform based on Monachain, forming a market to enable businesses to easily issue and distribute NFTs.

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

  • Bank of Korea

    Mock test of blockchain-based remittance.

  • NH Bank

    CBDC basic/extended services and development of platform utilizing its own stablecoin

  • Woori Bank

    Establishment of CBDC pilot system and a DID-based identity/qualification verification service

  • Bithumb META

    Establishment of NFT issuance/distribution platform

  • Plateer

    Development of NFT e-commerce marketing solution

  • LG Chem

    Pilot service for
    mobile employee ID card

  • LG Sciencepark

    Pilot service for
    mobile employee ID card

  • Ministry of Public Administration and Security

    Mobile Driver’s License

  • Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO)

    Mobile Driver’s License

  • Woori Bank

    Establishment of blockchain platform
    and CBDC pilot system
    *CBDC: Central bank digital currency

  • Ministry of Public Administration and Security

    Mobile public official ID card

  • Sejong City

    Autonomous vehicle trusted platform

  • KB Insurance

    Mobile phone loss/damage insurance

  • LG U+

    Mobile phone loss/damage insurance

  • Jeju

    Used battery distribution history management

  • Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO)

    Local gift voucher platform

  • LG Science Park

    Community currency platform

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