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Smart Factory

LG CNS is leading intelligent factory
with new IT such as AI, big data, and IoT,
and is changing the paradigm of
manufacturing sites.

Go beyond automation and achieve manufacturing intelligence
with a smart factory that integrates the DX capabilities of LG CNS.

LG CNS is leading intelligent factory implementation and factory optimization by applying new IT such as AI, big data, and IoT to all manufacturing processes, including product planning, production, and warehousing.

LG CNS Smart Factory
has differentiated competitiveness.

  1. The competitiveness of a manufacturing business
    must begin with factory optimization.

    For cost reduction and quality improvement, which are the competitiveness of factories, many companies strive to optimize their processes and innovate their operating systems. The LG CNS Smart Factory has been developed to provide practical effects from such efforts.

  2. LG CNS Smart Factory
    helps you achieve the vision of an intelligent factory.

    LG CNS smart factory aims at an intelligent factory where people, systems, and facilities are systematically integrated to find optimal conditions. We provide total solutions such as optimized design of factory lines, facility supply and integration control, and integration of equipment and production solutions according to customer site and industrial characteristics.

  3. LG CNS has various successful cases
    at home and abroad.

    The LG CNS Smart Factory materializes a factory with world-class manufacturing competitiveness. LG CNS provides smart factory solutions to global companies
    such as GE Healthcare, Hyundai Mobis, Doosan Infracore, LG Electronics, and LG Display.

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

  • Hyundai Motor

    Establishment of MES

  • GE Healthcare

    Establishment of factory equipment operation system

  • Doosan Infracore

    Establishment of MES

  • Hanmi Pharm

    Establishment of MES

  • Daewoong Pharmaceutical

    Establishment of MES

  • LG Electronics

    Establishment of Factova

  • LG Display

    Establishment of Factova

  • LG Innotek

    Establishment of Factova

  • LG Chem

    Establishment of Factova

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