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Environmental Management

LG CNS practices environmental management
with eco-friendly technologies.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The Emissions Trading System is a government program that allocates a total amount of greenhouse gas emissions to companies in advance, to motivate companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through independent greenhouse gas reduction goals and emission rights trading, in accordance with the Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth.

In order to efficiently respond to the program, LG CNS is operating a greenhouse gas inventory system that can automatically measure data center power consumption and aggregate greenhouse gas emissions in real time. In line with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international environmental certification, LG CNS is actively responding to external demands to strengthen the eco-friendliness of their systems.

View of the LG CNS Sangam Data Center Designated as a Business Establishment for the Emissions Trading System

Eco-friendly Green Data Center

LG CNS operates data centers by developing and applying multiple solutions to reduce energy consumption in data centers with high electricity demands. In addition, LG CNS is improving energy use efficiency in buildings by introducing new and renewable energy sources and energy efficiency improvement facilities. LG CNS operates eco-friendly data centers by developing and applying solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and has developed, built, and now operates an eco-friendly IT system for the integrated operation of data center infrastructure.

The Sangam eco-friendly IT system design reduces greenhouse gas emissions by efficiently managing computer room energy through fault detection, analysis, and control through integrated monitoring of infrastructure that accounts for electricity, mechanics, temperature and humidity controls, lighting, etc. and security facilities among others. Also, the world’s first built-up outdoor air cooling system, an patented eco-friendly cooling system using natural outdoor air, that is built into the design of all of our data centers. LG CNS further contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through our development and use of centralized air conditioning systems and server cooling devices, and use of high-efficiency Uninterruptible Power Supplies [UPS] and LED lighting, in all of our data centers.

Sangam Yearly Emission Reduction Achievements and Measures

(Savings / Unit: tCO2eq)

Category2014201520162017201820192020Cumulative Total
Installation of LED lighting (all floors)2234464464464464464462,899
Outside air conditioning for the machine rooms (B3 ~ 4F)1504044044044044044042,574
Outside air conditioning for the computer rooms (2F ~ 9F)5601,3661,3661,3661,3666,024
Installation of high-efficiency UPS (2F ~ 9F)692782782782782781,461
Installation of Solar Panels6612
Installation of high-efficiency thermostats in computer rooms (2F ~ 9F)49256305