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DX Solutions

Meet the LG CNS's DX solutions based on
new information technologies.


PerfecTwin is the world’s first parallel verification solution that verifies the system with 100% real transaction data. After capturing the real-world transaction data in the existing system, it is automatically applies to the new system and tests to determine whether there is a failure in real time.

Check out the benefits of PerfecTwin.

By identifying and eliminating all potential defects that humans cannot find, the quality of the system can be dramatically improved, and the cost of testing by mobilizing a large number of people and resources can be reduced.

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

  • Bank of Korea

    Validation of all transactions between external institution and institution participating in the next-generation system project of Bank of Korea
    Proactive measures for 162 types of faults

  • Kyobo Securities

    Application function/performance verification according to infrastructure replacement

  • Kyobo Life

    Next-generation system validation, over 1 million real-time validations and discrepancy types identified

  • KB Kookmin Card

    Identification of functional flaws just before next-generation system opening
    Verification of non-face-to-face channel transaction consistency

  • NH Card

    External approved transaction and point business verification
    Defect removal through verification of 10 million real transactions cumulatively

  • Korea Post

    Intelligent postal information development and application function verification
    Validation of transaction receipt for the Seoul safe deposit box construction project

  • LG U+

    Automatic regression testing such as membership approval, store payment, emergency rescue, etc.

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