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LG CNS will build a better world
through DX technology.

LG CNS aims to nurture future IT talent by
operating the AI Genius Academy, an in-depth AI education program.

AI Genius Academy,
Nurturing AI Prodigies

AI Genius Academy is an educational program for high school students to develop future SW/AI talent.
AI Genius Academy selects students with visions and talents in the SW/AI field to provide them with differentiated new IT education and mentoring, and directly helps them design future career paths through AI robot development project.

Program Features

Professional Career Mentoring

AI Genius Academy provides future career guidance and expert experiences to students through mentoring by LG CNS executives and employees, AI education experts, and autonomous driving and robotics experts.

AI Robot Development Project

AI Genius Academy conducts an annual AI robot development project, providing an advanced AI course for students. Students choose their own project topics related to AI technology, plan, and carry out various activities to complete the project.

Challenge Day

AI Genius Academy hosts the Challenge Day to let students share the final project results. The Challenge Day provides opportunities for students to learn from failure, grow through the process, and feel achievement. We also support them to encourage one another and prepare for a greater future.