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AI/Big Data

LG CNS provides optimal services
through collection and storage of
big data and verified AI services.

We provide the optimal AI/Big data service
suitable for the customers’ business and IT environment.

The AI/Big data technology of LG CNS is utilized in various business fields by customers.

LG CNS supports customers to lead in the AI-based industry by applying ‘AI Service for X’, which has been proven in various business cases.
The scope of services of ‘X’ has been expanded through consistent business success.
Also, we support discovering business opportunities and establishing strategies for customers through the AI Discovery consulting program.

Customer Service

Consulting service that understands customers and provides professional answers anytime, anywhere

Quality Inspection

AI inspection service to measure product quality and detect defects in the manufacturing process

Work Automation

Automation of repetitive tasks within the company using S/W robots and AI

Fraud Detection

Detection of fraud and malpractices through the analysis of human behavior data

Automated Insurance Review

Automation of approval/deferment for insurance underwriting/claim review based on AI

Real-time Marketing

Product recommendations and optimal offerings in real time, and analyzing profitability of marketing events

Supply Chain Optimization

AI-based improvement in supply chain efficiency and performance

Yield Maximization

Reduced period of expansion for manufacturing facilities; prompt recovery measures in case of repeated errors; etc.

Yield: Ratio of good products. The opposite of the defect ratio

We implement the optimal AI system based on the SW engineering capabilities accumulated across various industries and large-scale businesses.

With ‘Software 2.0’ and ‘Software with AI’, LG CNS provides high quality services for the entire life cycle from architecture establishment to system development and maintenance. Customers can respond quickly to the business in the era of Software 2.0 and integrated establishment/operation of AI/Big data-based intelligent system with the prior systems is possible.

*Software 2.0: It is a concept named by Andrej Karphathy in 2017, where artificial neural networks such as deep learning autonomously develop software by using data.

Access the LG CNS AI Service Portal for quick and easy implementation of AI services.

LG CNS AI Service Portal provides 10 AI services, consisting of three types of vision AI services, six types of language AI services, and one type of data AI service.

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

  • Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, and Jeonnam Offices of Education

    LISA Mission English
    and LISA Speaking Class
    provided free of charge

  • KB Financial Group

    Establishment of the Future Contact Center (FCC)

  • KB Kookmin Bank

    Establishment of the chatbot system

  • Incheon International Airport Corporation

    Establishment of the AI-based automated X-Ray image reading system

  • National Tax Service

    Establishment of big data analysis system
    for the National Tax Service

  • LG Display

    Application of DAP Vision

  • LG Chem

    Application of DAP Vision

  • LG U+

    Establishment of the customer service bot

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