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Social Contribution

LG CNS will build a better world
through DX technology.

LG CNS is running AI Genius Program
to help the youths of Korea set their future goals
and visions with AI.

AI Genius, LG CNS IT Eduacational Program

AI Genius is an educational program for youths, developed by LG CNS. Starting in 2017, AI Genius has been helping students develop their idea and problem-solving skills through learning SW and AI concepts and principles.
LG CNS signed agreements with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and the Gyeonggi Province Office of Education and provided the program to about 14,600 students so far. LG CNS is gradually expanding the subjects of education to include schools rural and remote areas

AI Genius Curriculum

AI Genius is incorporated into the regular class hours of middle schools, where a particular grade of students do not need to take test and being not graded. They are taught with the basics of AI that students must know during the six classes a day.
Middle school students can create not only AI chatbots and AI autonomous cars, but also services using MyData.

Creating an AI Chatbot

1) What is an AI chatbot?
2) Machine Learning for Kids
3) Planning and creating my own AI chatbot

AI Autonomous Car

1) Programming to make the autonomous car move
2) Programming the car to recognize traffic signs with AI
3) Creating my own autonomous car

Smart Data Lab

1) Significance and examples of data
2) Data collection and analysis
3) Creating services using data

Curriculum for students with disabilites in special schools

We operate customized programs for students with disabilities who have less opportunity of SW education.
It consists of learning materials and programs that students can directly experience, such as △SW/AI learning through the metaverse, △AI and art experience, and △AI autonomous car.
LG CNS is continuously discovering ways to bridge the gap between social groups who have opportunity of SW education and who have not, by expanding the scope of beneficiaries.

AI Genius, recognized with its excellency by receiving citation from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Donation for Education Award

AI Genius, recognized with its excellency by receiving citation from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Donation for Education Award
Coding Genius, the predecessor of AI Genius, received the citation from the Minsitry of Health and Welfare and the Education Donation Award from the the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Education.
In 2017, in the first year of its launch, it was awarded by the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Education in the Contest for Best Practices in the Free Semester Program.
The following year, AI Genius was selected as an educational donation career experience certified institution by the Ministry of Education, proving its excellence.

2018 Social Contribution Citation
by the Minister of Health and Welfare

2018 Education Donation Award
by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education