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Growing Together/Fair Trade

LG CNS grows together with
partner companies based on trust.

Partner Plus, the Communication Channel with Partner Companies

LG CNS operates ‘Partner Plus’, the portal for partner companies.
In the portal, there is a page for the partners, where LG CNS can listen to the voice of suppliers (VOS) and build a healthy collaboration culture.

  • Suggest Collaboration

    Suppliers can make a business proposal to LG CNS
    at any given time.

  • Solving issues

    Suppliers can conveniently inquire and ask for help to solve difficulties they face when working with LG CNS.

  • Request for Improvement

    Suppliers can request improvement regarding unreasonable matters
    or inconveniences
    that may arise during their business processes.

Workshops and Meetings with the CEOs of Partner Companies

Through periodic workshops and meetings with suppliers, LG CNS aims to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen the foundation for practical win-win growth by sharing the business status and direction, and guiding all laws (information security, personal information protection, etc.) necessary for the operation of suppliers.

Participation in Collaborative Consultation Between Conglomerates and SMEs

Through consultation with small and medium-sized enterprises who wish to collaborate with LG CNS, we introduce our collaboration policy and suppliers’ technologies and business strengths. By the consultation LG CNS is creating cooperative relationship that can create synergy.