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Since being founded in 1987,
LG CNS has been leading the development of the Korean IT industry.

Growth and Challenge


  • 2001

    • 11Established the ‘integrated ERP system’ for all affiliates of LG Electronics
    • Partnership with MS for joint operation of .NET Center and cooperation in SI business
    • 10Established electronic tax invoice system
    • 09Established the first data warehouse for a domestic public institution with a data warehouse for the Korea Customs Service
    • Moved the headquarters to Prime Tower, Hoehyeon-dong, Seoul
    • 06Landed the contract for Korea’s largest total logistics system from Daehan Express
    • Strategic alliance with Cisco Systems in the consulting field
  • 2000

    • 12Landed the contract for the register computerization project in the Philippines
    • Selected as the operator for the integrated radio wave management plan (BPR) by the Ministry of Information and Communication
    • Opened the largest academic research information website in Korea
    • 10Landed the contract for the disaster recovery system construction project from the Industrial Bank of Korea
    • Strategic alliance with the STG Group (US)
  • 1999

    • 10
    • Landed the contract for the ERP pilot project from the Ministry of Information and Communication
    • 06Selected as a CMS construction company by Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
    • 05Acquired Y2K certification from the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA)
    • 04Opened the Worknet for the Ministry of Labor Employment Information
    • Opened the Electronic Disclosure System of the Investment Trust Association
    • Opened an online public system for handling civil complaints in Seoul
    • 01 Opened the KIPOnet system
  • 1998

    • 10Launched the nationwide real estate registration service
    • 08Landed the contract to build an information system for the distribution center for small and medium-sized businesses
      Landed the contract to build the immigration management information system for the Ministry of Justice
    • 07Landed the contract to build the employment information system from the Ministry of Labor
    • 02Landed the contract to build a criminal information network between criminal justice agencies for the Ministry of Justice
  • 1997

    • 12ERP partnership with Oracle
    • Opened the Integrated Global Network of LG (LGNET)
    • Became the first and only company in Korea to acquire CMM Level 2 Certification
    • 05 Ranked No. 1 overall among domestic SI companies (announced by Gartner, a US market research institute) Signed ERP partnership with SAP in Germany
    • 01Opened the Integrated Tax Information System (TIS) for the National Tax Service
  • 1996

    • 12
    • 12Received the Presidential Award for recognition of its contribution to the administrative computer network (TIS)
  • 1995

    • 05
    • Landed the contract to build the patent information service system from the Korean Intellectual Property Office
    • 04Changed company name to ‘LG-EDS Systems’