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Life at LG CNS

Join us and make a new future

Why CNS?

LG CNS recruits talented people to lead DX,
supports the growth of employees through new IT and personalized training.
Based on various technology, industry, and business experiences,
employees can become DX professionals.

The Journey of DX Innovation

LG CNS offers a unique hiring/development program to foster new employees as DX professionals.
We are recruiting talented new employees who wish to grow in the IT field. For applicants who have passed the first interview, we provide a three-week internship course (on-the-job training in the department to be assigned after actual employment).
The final successful applicants are provided with ‘IT Career Start Training’ for about two months and job-specific training that includes agile methodology and data analysis skills.
New employees who have achieved excellent marks during the new employee technical training course receive a raise in their basic salary through the Fast Track System.

MCU (My Career Up)

At LG CNS, employees apply for the team they desire through a career development program called ‘MCU (My Career Up)’, and can move within the company through an interview. You can experience various jobs and industrial/technical fields that fit your career development plan.

Competency-based HR System

LG CNS operates a ‘competency-oriented’ HR system, and assigns ‘competence levels’ based on a comprehensive evaluation of technological, industrial, and leadership competencies.

Technological competency is measured through the in-house technology certification test called TCT (Technology Certification Test). Separate evaluations for ‘industry expertise’ and ‘leadership competency,’ which are difficult to measure with technical tests, are also conducted.

Employees with a higher competency level can receive more rewards, get promoted quickly, and be selected as key talent. In other words, S-class talent with greater competency relative to years of experience are eligible for additional salary increases through the Fast Track System. Those possessing a certain level of competency can be promoted regardless of their age.

For key talent, expert allowances and incentives are provided. All of these are LG CNS’s unique competency-oriented HR system.

Selected as the Best Technical Expert

LG CNS provides an opportunity to become a technology expert by providing project experiences and systematic training.
Through an in-depth evaluation process for personnel with high technical competency levels,(Potential Experts → Experts → Meisters → Researchers/Specialists) technical experts are selected and provided with differentiated compensation.
As such, LG CNS is creating a system and culture in which talented people with outstanding technical skills are appreciated regardless of age or position.

Support for Securing Global New Technology Capabilities

LG CNS has established a cooperative system with more than 30 top domestic and foreign companies, such as Google, Amazon, Slalom, and Pivotal, and is continuously promoting long-term assignments overseas, human resource exchanges, and joint projects. Through this, LG CNS supports its employees to quickly acquire global-level competencies with new technology.

Support for a Variety of Up-to-date Training Courses and Certifications

LG CNS provides IT training courses, and supports the growth of employees.
First, new employees will take IT and job-specific technology training courses for about two months after joining the company. Employees can selectively take training courses that suit their job duties, and courses related to new technologies such as Cloud/AI/Big data are also provided.
Members may also be recommended for personalized training courses that are suitable for them.
In addition, employees can also receive aid for examination fees, cash awards, and association fees for obtaining certificates.
Employees are free to receive the necessary training to improve their own competencies and are always striving to improve their technical competencies. Examples include acquiring qualifications to perform their tasks more effectively.
We actively support this through systematic training courses.