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DX Solutions

Meet the LG CNS's DX solutions based on
new information technologies.


NCD stands for ‘No Coding Development’. DevOn NCD simplifies the development process by skipping coding and creates professional-level programs. DevOn NCD visualizes the program operation process as a flow chart. The developer can create programs by dragging icons on the computer with the mouse.
*NCD : No Coding Development

Check out the benefits of DevOn NCD.

  1. User Convenience

    With DevOn NCD,
    anyone can develop programs after
    one month of in-depth training.

  2. Speedy Maintenance

    DevOn NCD allows you to see
    the development process
    at a glance through a flow chart.
    You can quickly review and revise your development process.

  3. High Level of Productivity

    After coding, DevOn NCD automatically checks whether the program works normally.
    It increases productivity by shortening development time.

DevOn NCD consists of DevOn UIP (UI Prototyper) that creates screen UI
and DevOn BizActor that develops business server logic.

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