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Smart City

LG CNS is creating
a future city for a better life,
focusing on mobility and data.


INFioT supports communication protocols necessary for collecting data created from devices and delivering them.
Also, it stores and manages data.
The collected data are linked to LG CNS AI/Big data platform DAP and cloud platform CloudXper to check the real-time data status. It can be used in domains such as smart cities, smart factories, smart buildings, and smart homes.

INFioT is an IoT platform that collects, stores, and processes data generated from various devices such as factory facilities, smartphones, and smart home appliances.

CityHub Building

Cityhub Building is a platform that monitors and controls various facilities within buildings and factories.
It controls alarm process, also.

LG CNS Cityhub provides safe and convenient services
by collecting city data in one place.

  1. Reducing facility management/operation manpower costs

  2. Establishment of design quality verification system for building and factory

  3. Reducing energy costs for electricity, gas, water, etc.

  4. Providing a pleasant environment for residents

  5. Protecting workers from hazardous substances

  6. Improving customer service quality through optimal facility operation


LG CNS AFC solution makes transportation payments convenient. It provides electronic payment solutions to corporates providing transportation and passengers using public transportation.
LG CNS promotes advancing MaaS (Mobility as a Service) to integrate and operate all means of transportation and payment.
* AFC(Automatic Fare Collection)

Benefits of introducing AFC

  • Efficient urban transportation system by predicting needs for public transportation based on data

  • Increasing customer satisfaction since it is able to use all transportation and receive transfer discounts with one card

  • Analyzing sales information by vehicle and route to optimally arrange routes and reduce operating costs


LG CNS FMS monitors the bus location in real time. It can efficiently set the time when the bus should leave and help drivers and center operators maintain an appropriate distance between vehicles.
Passengers can check various information, including the estimated arrival time and bus route through smartphone and the passenger information panel (PIP) installed at the bus stop and in the bus.
* FMS(Fleet Management System)

Benefits of introducing FMS

  1. The driver’s driving pattern is monitored and systematically managed to ensure the safety and punctuality.

  2. Bus operation costs are reduced by maximizing the efficiency, such as reducing fuel costs and non-business operations.

  3. FMS improves the convenience of passengers by providing route information, expected arrival time, and other information.

  4. It supports public transportation policies
    by analyzing historical data and providing statistics/reports.

  5. It expands public transportation by providing high-quality public services. It also creates an eco-friendly transportation environment with eco-driving.


LG CNS PSD is a solution installing a structure between the platform and the subway track to provide safe and
pleasant environment for passengers.
Also, the solution provides integrate control and operation of the structure.
It has acquired the Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL-4), the highest level of safety certification.
PSD, linked with the subway signal system, controls the motorized sliding door (MSD) and manages the movement of passengers. If necessary, an emergency escape door (EED) is installed to allow passengers to open the door from the railroad and to be evacuated in the event of an emergency.
* PSD(Platform Screen Door)

Benefits of introducing PSD

  • Ensure passensgers’ safety when the train is approaching, by separating passengers from the track

  • Providing a pleasant environment by preventing dust particles and fine dust from the underground tunnel flowing into the platform

  • Reducing energy costs by blocking the leakage of heat and cool air from the platform.

PSD is applied to light rails and monorails in overseas.

  1. Qatar Lusail City Light Rail PSD

  2. Indonesia Jakarta Light Rail PSD

  3. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
    Monorail PSD

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