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AI/Big Data

LG CNS provides optimal services
through collection and storage of
big data and verified AI services.

LG CNS AI tutor is a well-known AI language learning service in South Korea with 1.25 million subscribers.

Learners can practice foreign language conversation anytime, anywhere with an AI teacher equipped with new IT technology. Speech AI technology and sentence similarity
We use various AI technologies like AI algorithms to diagnose conversational skill level of learners and provide customized English conversation learning services.

  • Speech AI technology

    It recognizes the answers from learners with speech recognition technology and provides audio of native speaker’s pronunciation with speech synthesis technology.

  • Sentence similarity AI algorithm

    Similarity of responses is determined
    by comparing with the correct answer.

  • Hint AI algorithm

    Keywords in correct answers are provided as hints
    or asked again for conversation without interruption.

The core features of LG CNS Buttertime

Practice dialogue through conversation with AI

Practical dialogue for over 500 scenarios in daily life, business, and other situations have been prepared. The AI tutor asks a question, and the learner answers through the conversation.

Various practical conversation contents
Practicing conversation
Leading to answer the questions

Personalized learning content according to conversational skill level

The AI tutor provides appropriate hints according to the level of the learners while leading conversation until you stop. It recommends personalized content by analyzing the conversation recording of the learners.

Evaluates learners’ responses
Provides hints according to answers
Recommends personalized content

Various review functions optimized for practicing conversation

– It provides a shadowing function that allows learners to listen as they imitate the speech while practicing key expressions.
– It can also check how similar the responses from learners are to the correct answers and self-training is also available.

Practice of key expressions
Listening to the conversation again

Meet ‘Buttertime’, a personalized learning tool,
and ‘TOST’, a learning tool optimized for TOEIC speaking.

Speaking Class

It is a platform that allows anyone to create an interactive AI English learning service, even if they do not know how to code. When the teacher registers the content, the AI automatically generates questions, which saves time and cost for generating questions. Learners can learn English at school or at home, without restriction of location, with personalized learning material created by teachers and AI.


It is an English educational service optimized for studying for the TOEIC Speaking test. Through the study course organized by parts, learners can be used to TOEIC Speaking test patterns and focus on the parts they are weak. AI diagnosis identifies the learner’s English speaking level and provides learning material for each level based on the results.

Multilingual AI Tutor

This is a service that allows you to learn various languages, such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese through an AI tutor (currently in development).

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