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LG CNS creates customer value
through practical services
such as digital identity authentication
and digital asset trading, etc.

Monachain is a blockchain platform for enterprise that can be applied in all industries, including finance, logistics, and energy. Use Monachain to experience a blockchain service specialized in business environment!

Monachain platform configuration

  • Providing development standards
    to help improve service quality

  • Easy service development extension
    through common components

  • Various authentication methods
    such as mobile authentication and document authentication

* Component: Technology of making the software component in advance and assembling the module when developing application technology

Monachain provides management and development support in a package for enterprises.

Monachain provides expansion functions necessary for token service development, along with issuance, transmission, and transaction functions for Fungible Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens. Expansion to other blockchains is possible and it provides token interoperability functions with Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Klaytn, and others.

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