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Since being founded in 1987,
LG CNS has been leading the development of the Korean IT industry.

Foundation and Pioneering


  • 1994

    • 07Became the first company in Korea to acquire ISO 9001 quality certification and TickIT in all business areas
    • 05Became the first company in the industry to establish an in-house technical graduate school
    • 04Landed the contract for the computerization of the real estate registration affairs from the Supreme Court
    • 01Landed the contract to build the Integrated Tax Information System (TIS) from the National Tax Service
  • 1993

    • 07 Landed the contract to build an integrated production management system from SGS in Thailand (first entrance into the overseas market)
  • 1992

    • 09Completed the construction of Korea’s first information technology center (ITC)
  • 1991

    • 09 Successfully developed Korea’s first application SW engine
    • 08 Approved as the first international VAN business in Korea
    • 02 Developed a system using the CASE Tool for the first time in Korea
  • 1989

    • 10Became the first company in the System Integration industry to establish a technology research center
  • 1988

    • 08Installed and operated the first network management system in Korea
    • 01Opened Korea’s first SI expert training program ‘SED’
  • 1987

    • 01Established Systems Technology Management Corporation (STM) in a joint venture with EDS (US)