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Since being founded in 1987,
LG CNS has been leading the development of the Korean IT industry.

Leading Digital Innovation



LG CNS is leading Client’s DX based on new IT technologies such as cloud, AI, and big data.

  • 2023

    • 12AI-based ‘MOP(Marketing Optimization Platform)’ won the Korea Digital Advertising and Prize at KODAF
    • 11Signed a Partnership with New York City and the American Chamber of Commerce
    • 10Launched a Generative AI platform ‘DAP GenAI’
    • 08Winner of Google Cloud Partner Awards in the Sales & Service
    • 07Launched ‘Robot Integrated Operation Platform’ for Smart Logistics
    • 06Launched a AI Coding solution based on ChatGPT
    • 04Singed a Generative AI & Cloud biz Partnership with Microsoft
    • 03Singed a next-generation ERP System Partnership with SAP
    • 02Launched a Cloud service ‘AM Discovery’
      Opend ‘Integrated IT Service Center’
  • 2022

    • 12 Launched Blockchain-based mobile ID service ‘DDIDID’
    • 09 Signed a Digital Transformation Partnership with Google Cloud
    • 06Achieved AWS Premier Tier Partner status
      Launched logistics Robots as a Service(RaaS)
    • 05 Landed Busan Smart City Project
    • 03Launched SaaS integrated platform ‘SINGLEX’
      Launched My Data application service ‘Haruzogak’
      Achieved sales of 4 trillion Korean won in year 2021
  • 2021

    • 10 Completed Korean Air cloud conversion
    • 09 Acquired My Data business license
    • 07 Resolved the vaccine reservation system failure
    • 06 MOU with Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education for AI Tutor
    • 04Launched CloudXper ProOps
    • Exported AI tutor to Japan
    • MOU with AhnLab, targeting the cloud security market
    • 03Released DevOn NCD free of charge
  • 2020

    • 12 Designated as the contractor for establishment of the national tax administration system in Indonesia
    • 10 Launched an AI service platform
    • 10 Landed the Sejong Smart City Construction Project
    • 07 Provided AI tutor to 1 million users free of charge
    • 03Spun off the second in-house venture, Hempking
    • 01 Launched the cloud-based Korean HR management solution ‘Next HR’
  • 2019

    • 12 Launched the world’s first parallel verification solution ‘PerfecTwin’
    • 06 Signed a strategic partnership with MS (cooperation in all areas of digital transformation)
    • Launched the integrated cloud management platform ‘CloudXper’
    • 05 Selected as the Consulting Partner of the Year in the Asia-Pacific region by AWS
    • 04 Presented manufacturing AI innovation cases at Google Cloud Next 2019
    • 02 Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AWS (acceleration of cloud business)
    • 01 Developed Korean financial cloud model in collaboration with AWS
    • First domestic conglomerate to establish a global top 3 blockchain consortium collaboration system (EEA, Hyperledger, R3)
  • 2018

    • 10Received a Google Premier Partner Award (Search Innovation Category)
    • 08Spun off its first in-house venture, Danbee
    • 07 Launched the integrated smart city platform ‘City Hub’, and became the first domestic conglomerate to acquire a national certification for such a platform
    • 06 Landed the contract to build a blockchain open platform for Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO)
    • 05 Launched the blockchain platform ‘Monachain’
    • 04 Launched the integrated smart factory platform ‘Factova’
    • 01 Relocated the LG CNS HQ to the LG Science Park in Magok
  • 2017

    • 12 Received the Minister of Education Award at the 12th Korea Social Contribution Awards for Coding Genius, a social contribution program
    • 11 Surpassed $250 million in e-government exports
    • 09 Launched the big data platform ‘DAP’
    • 07 First domestic company to sign a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • 03 Landed the contract to build big data for Woori Bank
  • 2016

    • 11 Opened the next-generation system of Kwangju Bank (MDD applied)
    • 10 Landed the contract to build a library management system for the National Library of Uzbekistan
    • 06 Landed the contract to build the logistics system for the CJ Korea Express Mega Hub Terminal
    • 05 Landed the contract to build the IT system for Kakao Bank, an Internet-only bank
    • 04Landed the contract to build a bus information system in Penang, Malaysia