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Smart Logistics

LG CNS is leading the smart logistics market
by building a digital warehouse
with an optimal combination of IT and facilities.

The ‘Logistics DX Lab’, a professional organization dedicated to logistics IT, is accelerating intelligence in logistics.

LG CNS optimization algorithm calculates the efficient product supply sequence within the logistics center,
and the digital twin creates a 3D version of the logistics facility on the monitor,
enabling 24-hour remote monitoring.


  • New information technologies
  • Automation equipment
  • AI cargo sorting

    To improve worker’s productivity, AI recognizes the shape of an item and classifies it into three types: large, medium/small,
    and extraordinary.

  • AI picking robot

    The AI analyzes the size and condition of the product and calculates the optimal coordinates. Then it picks up the product accurately.

  • AI item inspection

    Before the delivery the AI checks whether the product ordered by the customer is properly configured in just 0.1 seconds.

  • Digital twin

    Equipment can be displayed in 3D on a computer screen, which allows immediate inspection for anomalies.

  • Optimization algorithm

    It analyzes the cumulative data of customer orders to calculate the optimal product supply sequence within the logistics center.

  • Tetris algorithm

    It stacks items in tote boxes* similar to Tetris, to carry as many items as possible at once.
    Tote box: Box for goods

  • AutoStore

    Autostore is an internationally proven automated warehouse system with excellent space efficiency that can store up to four times the volume in the same space.

  • Gantry system

    It is an automated warehouse system that can pick, store, and sort products in tote box units using the floor space.

  • Cross-belt sorter

    The high-performance cross-belt sorter designed by LG CNS and manufactured by a domestic facility company dramatically increases the product sorting throughput.

Logistics sites where LG CNS DX technologies have been applied

LG CNS has a variety of solutions. LG CNS Quick Picking System (QPS) combines optimization algorithms and automation facilities. The Digital Cart System (DCS) can automatically transfer products ordered by customers to workers.

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

  • CJ Logistics

    Seoul metropolitan area mega hub
    delivery terminal

  • eBay Korea

    Designing and building
    the mega logistics center facility

  • Olive Young

    Establishment of automated equipment
    for online/offline integrated centers

  • Pantos Sihwa MTV

    Mini load
    automation center

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