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Jeong-do Management

LG CNS pursues ethical management based on
LG's unique behavioral method of Jeong-Do management.

  • Operation of an Integrated Channel for Jeong-do Management

    LG CNS operates an integrated channel for Jeong-Do management called the ‘Jeong-do Management Guide’ to allow executives and employees to more easily access and systematically practice Jeong-Do management. Through this, LG CNS shares notices related to Jeong-Do management and the LG Code of Ethics with executives and employees. We also carry out activities, such as self-inspection support and real-time counseling, to support executives and employees by addressing their difficulties in practicing Jeong-Do management.

  • Jeong-do Management Survey

    In order to check the degree of LG Way practice by executives and employees, examine the level of awareness of Jeong-Do management, and devise improvement measures for shortcomings, LG CNS conducts a group-level Jeong-Do management survey on a regular basis every year. In addition, LG CNS regularly conducts Jeong-Do management surveys for suppliers, which are used to identify risks of unfair practices and to establish directions for improving relationships with suppliers.

  • Pledge to Practice Jeong-do Management

    All executives and employees of LG CNS pledge to comply with the LG Code of Ethics and practice Jeong-Do management every year online, and suppliers sign the ‘Pledge to Practice Jeong-do Management’ in the contract when they make a contract. LG CNS practices Jeong-Do management to fulfill its responsibilities to customers, suppliers, shareholders, executives, employees, and society, and to become a respected market leader.

  • Reward System for Reporting Corruption

    The reward system for reporting corruption is a system to further strengthen business transparency and accountability and to eradicate corruption that undermines customer value. When corruption is reported, LG CNS checks whether the reporter is eligible for a reward, then hold a reward review committee to pay a reward to the reporter of the corruption.

  • Dissemination of Education and Culture to Executives, Employees, and Suppliers

    LG CNS regularly conducts activities for dissemination of Jeong-Do management education to instill correct modes of behavior in executives and employees. In 2018, LG CNS conducted 20 group education sessions for 1,200 executives and employees. The company is also continuously reinforcing on-site and job-oriented training courses. Also, LG CNS introduced LG’s Jeong-Do management through a workshop for the CEOs of suppliers and asked for their cooperation. Regular and continuous cultural dissemination activities were carried out to raise awareness of Jeong-Do management among employees, such as sending out Jeong-Do management letters and posting violations.

  • Ethics Hotline

    ‘Ethics Hotline’ is a corruption reporting system that allows the reporting of any business conduct that violates Jeong-Do management, such as unfair business handling and bribery using the superior position of executives and employees. Reports received are checked for truth through investigation, and in the case of confirmed misconduct, follow-up measures such as disciplinary action, work process improvement, and Jeong-Do management education are taken to establish a transparent and fair organizational culture. In addition to cyber reporting, reports are received through various channels such as telephone, fax, mail, and visitation, and we are thoroughly protecting the reporter from being disadvantaged by the report.

  • Bribery Reporting System

    LG CNS strictly prohibits all executives and employees from receiving money or gifts from stakeholders. When money or gifts are offered or given, executives and employees shall politely refuse and return them in accordance with the Code of Ethics. If it is impossible to return the gift, it should be reported to the Ethics Secretariat and donated directly to a welfare organization, or sold in an in-house auction to donate the proceeds.