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AI/Big Data

LG CNS provides optimal services
through collection and storage of
big data and verified AI services.

The commerce chatbot provides various services for customers
such as product ordering, ticket reservations, and marketing.

Enhance customer communication with a service consultant chatbot
available 24/7.

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

Nu Skin Korea mobile web-based chatbot customer service center

Hyundai Home Shopping Kakao-based
real-time TV home shopping ordering system

The virtual personal assistant (VPA) chatbot is linked with the internal corporate system, answering various business inquiries from employees and increasing work productivity.

The VPA improves work efficiency by providing work guidelines not only to internal employees but also to external stakeholders including business partners and agencies.*VPA : Virtual Personal Assistants

Integration with legacy systems

Based on our experiences of building various enterpriese chatbots, we can build chatbots quickly by integrating legacy systems.

  • Support for various interfaces

    • Web services, structured query language (SQL), representational state transfer (RESTful), etc.
  • Standardized interface modules

    • Convenient scenario entry through the interface management console
  • Notification function for legacy system events can also be provided through the chatbot

Optimal templates
and convenient functions

Optimal templates are prepared for various inquiries, shortening the development period and providing improved convenience.

  • Various templates for each function

    • Application of technology/functions to increase user convenience such as list/table, card, weather, type, etc.
  • Convenient functions such as automatic recommendations and push notifications

    • An active chatbot providing necessary information first, such as recommendation button management, automatic recommendation, and notification of work to do

Scalable SaaS-type service

As a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based service, the contents and scope of chatbot can be easily expanded.

  • SaaS-based AI platform service

    • AI functions such as machine learning, inference engine, intent processor, event processor, STT (Speech to Text)/TTS (Text to Speech) provided as SaaS service for convenient additional expansion and advancement
  • Services optimized based on chatbot features

    • Business to Employee (B2E): Tax return, in-house business guidelines, etc.
    • Business to Business (B2B): Order inquiry, stock-taking, delivery, etc.

Multi-bot support

Various chatbots can be easily expanded in accroadance with work objectives, and multiple chatbots can be operated at the same time.

  • Multiple chatbots activated in one channel

    • Reinforcement of specific functions based on priority
      ex) Tax return chatbot activated at the end of the year
  • Different chatbot configurations for different users

    • Company-wide employee bots, R&D researcher bots, partner bots, etc.

Chatbot service implementation cases

A variety of chatbot services suitable for each purpose are implemented. An inventory tracking chatbot helps customers respond to product inventory status, delivery record, and customer benefits; and a tax return chatbot responds to the tax return guideline that is revised every year.

Inventory tracking bot
Quick search for necessary information such as inventory statusㅤ

Rental care support bot
Support for checking the initial guideline that helps deal with on-site rental care issues and then contacting a customer service consultant

Tax returnt bot
Support for employees’ inquiries regarding tax returnㅤ

Partner chatbot

Provides answers for inquiries on business registration and contract/billing/training for partner companies

Office assistant chatbot

Handling FAQs and simple tasks related to general affairs/human resources/IT for employees

Optimized for various environments

Responsive web technology supports optimized user experience (UX) for various browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) and devices (PC, mobile).

  • Provides a hybrid mobile service

    • Supports mobile web and providing extra application if microphone or speaker control is required
  • Optimization of webpage performance

    • The React/Webpack technology used by Facebook guarantees faster reaction speed of users

Learning management service

Chatbots are trained and managed to provide customers the responses they seek.

  • Regular monitoring and training

    • Improvement of services by learning user opinions, monitoring response record, etc.
  • Loading new tasks and learning management

    • Assigning new tasks according to customer requests and managing quality through continuous learning

Create a chatbot optimized for company work
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