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LG CNS provides integrated security services,
ranging from security consulting
to implementation, operation, and control.

Leave security to LG CNS and focus on your core business.
SecuXper is a security service brand of LG CNS. It collectively refers to all security services provided by LG CNS
including domains of IT security, OT security, and IoT security.
*OT : Operational Technology ㅣ *IoT : Internet of Things

LG CNS was the first company to declare itself as an MSSP in South Korea.

An MSSP refers to a company that comprehensively performs security system operation and management.
As an MSSP, LG CNS identifies the latest security threats, provides security consulting for customers, and installs security solutions optimized for customers.
In addition, we also operate an integrated security system and takes responsibility for the security of customers through 24/7 all year round monitoring.
*MSSP : Managed Security Service Provider

Vulnerability diagnostics and penetration testing

The ‘RED Team’ of LG CNS, consisting of white hackers, diagnoses vulnerabilities and suggests solutions.

*RED Team: The name originates from calling the friendly team the blue team
and the enemy team the red team during simulated military training.

LG CNS operates the ‘RED Team,’ a professional organization made up of white hackers. The RED Team infiltrates customer systems, finds security holes, and develops a security strategy. The RED Team provides security consulting in a variety of areas, from customer cloud systems to security for facilities such as smart factories and power plants.

Prevention of internal information leakage

The LG CNS AI security solution prevents leakage of important internal information such as blueprints and confidential documents to the outside in advance.

The LG CNS AI security solution reports abnormal symptoms to the security manager by analyzing security keywords such as “confidential,” the frequency at which security keywords are mentioned, and unusual email patterns. The AI recognizes “secret” and “classified” as having similar meanings to “confidential,” and it increases detection accuracy by recognizing terms with similar spelling as the same.

Blocking external threats

LG CNS detects external security threats such as incoming malicious codes and hacking attempts in advance.

“Threat hunting” is an active security activity that preemptively eliminates risk factors. For example, it aims to find and delete malicious code hidden on the server before the attack ever occurs.
The threat hunting activities of LG CNS provides thorough defense for the IT systems of customers.

Cloud security

LG CNS has an all-round cloud security system to help our customers deploy the cloud with confidence.

LG CNS provides a total cloud security service, from cloud security solutions and security system establishment to real-time threat detection and response. LG CNS SecuXper is in charge of the security part of “Cloud SecuXper ProOps,” an integrated cloud operation service.

Smart factory security

LG CNS provides stable OT security services to customers based on its experience
in building smart factories at home and abroad.

OT security refers to security for major facilities such as smart factories, power plants, and dams. OT security of LG CNS includes physical security such as access control management and CCTV video monitoring, while preventing hacking and virus penetration targeting production planning systems and facility control systems. It is a subscription-type service that reduces the initial cost burden for customers.
*OT : Operational Technology

Smart city security

LG CNS is leading the charge in convergence security for smart cities where everything is connected through a network.

In a smart city, all things such as people, public transportation, various facilities, and devices are connected, and in the event of a security accident, the entire city functions can be paralyzed and result in human casualties. LG CNS is building an integrated security system that combines IT security, OT security, and IoT security from the designing phase of a smart city.
*IoT : Internet of Things

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

  • Home shopping services such as Hyundai Home Shopping

    Kakao-based TV real-time home shopping
    ordering service

  • Resorts such as Daemyung Resort

    chat ticket reservation service

  • Shopping NT

    Google Assistant-based ARS branch service

  • Nu Skin Korea

    Responsive web-based chatbot customer center

  • Pulmuone

    Kakao-based chatbot customer center

  • Soonchunhyang University

    Establishment of a voice channel-based chatbot academic guide

  • Yuhan Kimberly

    Kakao chat-based marketing service

  • Hiplaza

    Kakao chat-based marketing service

  • Daemyung Resort

    Message-liked mobile survey

  • Ministry of Public Administration and Security

    National Disaster Network FMS

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