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LG CNS provides integrated security services,
ranging from security consulting
to implementation, operation, and control.

SecuXper IDP

SecuXper IDP is an access control platform developed by LG CNS.
With SecuXper IDP, consistent access control policies and procedures can be maintained at business sites around the world, increasing management efficiency.
In addition, the security level of overseas business sites can be improved to the same level as domestic ones.
*IDP : IDentification-Provisioning

Take a look at the benefits of introducing SecuXper IDP.

  1. Consistency of security policy

    It maintains a consistent level of security
    by applying the same access control policies and procedures to various business sites around the world.

  2. Quick response

    It provides AI-based intelligent analytics
    and real-time security alerts
    to quickly respond to security incidents.

  3. Reliability of information

    System records (logs) are stored safely
    without fear of tampering.
    The reliability of system recorded data is increased.

SecuXper IoT

IoT security is an essential security area in the hyper-connected era where everything,
such as autonomous vehicles and smart cities, is connected like a spider web.
SecuXper IoT protects IoT devices from external hacking attacks. This solution installs SecuXper on IoT devices to authenticate mutual devices, verify firmware integrity, and provide integrated monitoring of security status.
*IoT : Internet of Things

SecuXper SRP

SecuXper SRP instructs all employees to change passwords on time and receive asset management and security training in line with security regulations.
SecuXper SRP allows security administrators to check the status security implementation at a glance.
*SRP : Security Resource Planning

Take a look at the benefits of introducing SecuXper SRP.

  1. Compliance with domestic laws

    It meets the requirements for government security certifications
    such as “Information Protection and
    Personal Information Protection Management System (ISMS-P)”
    with security activities in line with domestic regulations.
    * ISMS-P: Personal Information & Information Security Management System

  2. Convenience

    It improves work efficiency by automating security management tasks.
    Through the evaluation and feedback process after security activities,
    the level of security management can be improved continuously.

SecuXper Intelli-VMS

For companies with factories and facilities spread all over the world,
a surveillance camera monitoring solution to monitor them is very important.
SecuXper Intelli-VMS provides multiple surveillance camera screens at the same time
to allow security administrators to control multiple places through videos.
Thousands of surveillance cameras can be stably operated while minimizing the
network load and line cost by adjusting the video file size.

Take a look at the benefits of implementing SecuXper Intelli-VMS.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

    It minimizes operating costs through network optimization
    and video file size reduction.

  2. Large capacity

    Thousands of surveillance cameras can be
    integrated into the system and managed simultaneously.

SecuXper PSIM

SecuXper PSIM is an integrated control solution.
It monitors emergency situations such as unauthorized intrusion by outsiders, fires, and equipment failures in real time.
Upon detecting an abnormal signal, the scene where the accident is occurring is immediately shown through the CCTV.
It also provides information on the location of the point of occurrence, so that security administrators can respond quickly.
*PSIM: Physical Security Information Management

Take a look at the effect of the implementing SecuXper PSIM.

  1. Convenience

    SecuXper PSIM provides CCTV images and location information for security administrators. Furthermore, the convenience of management is enhanced by analyzing the equipment status and the frequency of accidents.

  2. Integration

    SecuXper PSIM can easily connect to other physical security solutions such as SecuXper Intelli-VMS and SecuXper IDP. It detects abnormal signals from multiple sensors and systems through its integrated system.

  3. Scalability

    SecuXper PSIM can connect various devices and systems regardless of communication method, type, and quantity of devices.

SecuXper CAT

SecuXper CAT is a security solution that can identify cloud security vulnerabilities within minutes with just a single click.
It detects cases where the cloud account password has not been changed in a long time or where the administrator privilege setting is incorrect, and it advises the security administrator on how to solve the problem.
*CAT : Cloud Assessment Tool

Take a look at the benefits of introducing SecuXper CAT.

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