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Since being founded in 1987,
LG CNS has been leading the development of the Korean IT industry.

Leaps and Development


  • 2015

    • 12 Acquired the Green Data Center Certification for the data centers in Incheon and Busan
    • 08 Established logistics center for PosLaju in Malaysia
    • 05 Opened ‘BLIS, an online corporate registration system in Bahrain
    • 04
    • Established a joint venture in Uzbekistan
    • 03 Developed the first set-top box-based integrated home IoT solution in Korea
  • 2014

    • 12Acquired the highest grade A+++ of Green Data Center Certification for the Busan Global Cloud Data Center
    • 08Landed the contract for the centralized postal processing center project in Malaysia
    • 05Received the Brill Awards, from Brill the highest authority in data centers, a first for a Korean company
    • 03 Landed the contract for the e-ticketing project in Athens, Greece
    • 02 Opened the Incheon Free Economic Zone U-City Operation Center
    • 01 Landed the contract for the ICT education competency enhancement project in Colombia
  • 2013

    • 12Relocated the LG CNS HQ to the Yeouido FKI Tower
    • 09
    • Established the next-generation system for Jeonbuk Bank (first application of MDD in the domestic financial sector)
    • 07Started the Second Phase Construction Project of the Transportation Card System in Seoul
    • 05Opened the Busan Global Cloud Data Center
    • 04Exported Korea’s first postal logistics information management solution ‘VIVA POST’ to Malaysia
    • 03Launched Korea’s first HW/SW integrated big data analysis platform ‘SBP Appliance’
  • 2012

    • 11Launched Korea’s first integrated big data solution ‘Smart Big Data Platform’
    • 10Landed the contract for the MRT communication system construction project in Malaysia
    • 09Begun operation of a solar power generation system in Bulgaria (first entrance into the European solar power market)
    • 08Launched Korea’s first integrated solution for factory construction ‘Smart Factory Solution’
    • 07Launched the world’s first integrated solution ‘Smart Green Platform’
    • Developed Korea’s first personal virtual desktop environment (VDI) solution ‘CLOUD PC’
    • 05Signed the export agreement for thecorporate registration system for the Supreme Court of Bahrain (Korea’s first entrance into the e-government market in the Middle East)
    • 01Opened the next-generation system for Kyobo Securities
  • 2011

    • 12Signed a smart business cooperation MOU with IBM in thesmart green city and smart transportation business fields
    • 10Launched the world’s first Android-based ‘Smart Set-top Box’
    • 09Achieved the first successful commercialization of a smart set-top box in Korea
    • 07
    • Landed the contract for the transportation card system project in Bogota, Colombia
    • 06Launched Korea’s first ‘integrated mobile solution’
    • 02Simultaneously launched virtual data center and desktop cloud service
  • 2010

    • 12Received commendation from the Minister of Public Administration and Security in the field of national record management
    • 11Signed the LG CNS-SAP MOU for cloud computing business cooperation
    • 10Acquired ISO14001 certification for environmental management system
    • 09Signed the LG CNS-MS global partnership for next-generation IT cooperation
    • 08
    • Landed the contract for the Third E-Passport E-Cover Procurement Project
    • 04Landed the contract to build the Chungra U-City
    • 02Opened the Eunpyeong-gu U-Urban Integrated Control Center
    • 01Completed the establishment of the IFRS system for Korea Exchange Bank
  • 2009

    • 12Landed the contract for the project for construction of integrated payment system for the four major social insurances of the National Health Insurance Service
      Became the first company in Asia to acquire the internationally recognized SW testing certification of TMMi Level 3 Certification
    • 11Acquired the CMMI Level 5 Certification for the Global Development Center in China
    • 08Opened the LG Gasan Data Center
    • 07Concluded a contract for the construction of the national financial information system for the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia
    • 01Entrue Journal of Information Technology became the first journal in the industry to be registered with the National Research Foundation of Korea
  • 2008

    • 11Landed the contract with the Korea Land and Housing Corporation to build the Pangyo U-City
    • 10
    • Landed the contract to establish the IFRS system for Korea Exchange Bank (completed in June 2010)
      Developed Korea’s first open UC middleware platform
    • 09Landed the contract for the Smart School project from the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia
    • 07Opened the integrated local education administrative and financial system (Edufine)
  • 2007

    • 12Established the medical benefit qualification management system for the National Health Insurance Service
      Opened the OTP Integrated Certification Center for the Financial Security Institute
    • 09Incorporated LG Nsys as a subsidiary
    • 07Landed the contract to build a new integrated passport management system
    • 04Signed a business cooperation agreement with Verizon in the US
    • 03Opened the LG CNS Sangam IT Center
  • 2006

    • 11Acquired the CMMI Level 4 certification for the Supreme Court Registration Service System
    • 10Completed establishment of a customs office customer relationship management (CRM) system for the Korea Customs Service
    • 08Landed the contract to build a crime information center for the Indonesian National Police
    • 04Received the Presidential Award as an outstanding company for gender equality in employment
    • 02Opened the LG CNS-Oracle Korea-SAP Korea Joint Business Solution Center
    • 01Established subsidiaries in Indonesia and Brazil
  • 2005

    • 12Became the first company in the world to acquire IT outsourcing quality certification eSCM Level 4
    • 10Became the first company in Korea to acquire the BS15000 certification for network outsourcing (data center)
    • 08Became the first company in Korea to acquire the BS15000 certification for network outsourcing (network center)
    • 03Opened the next-generation KIPOnet of the Korean Intellectual Property Office
    • 02Established the next-generation system for Hyundai Card and Hyundai Capital
    • 01
    • Opened the cash receipt system for the National Tax Service
  • 2004

    • 11Acquired CMMI Level 4 certification for the Integrated ERP Operation Center
    • 07Opened the new transportation card system in Seoul
    • 04Opened the EBS Internet KSAT lecture system
      Received the Presidential Award for the high-speed rail integrated information system
    • 03Opened the Integrated Railroad Information System (IRIS)
  • 2003

    • 12Became the first company in Korea to acquire Customer Competence Center (CCC) Certification from SAP
    • 09Became the first company in the world to acquire eSCM Certification
    • 08Opened Korea’s largest data warehouse (DW) for the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
    • 06Acquired Cisco Gold Partner Certification
      Became the first company working in the public sector to acquire CMM Level 5 for the Supreme Court Registration System Computerization Project
    • 01Received multiple awards for the establishment of e-government
  • 2002

    • 11Established the national financial system
    • 07Acquired CMM Level 3 for the Supreme Court Registration System Computerization Project
    • 03 LG CNS Consortium landed the contract for the Project for Construction of the Integrated Information System for the Four Major Social Insurances
    • 01Changed company name to ‘LG CNS’