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Smart Factory

LG CNS leads the intelligent factory industry
by leveraging new IT technologies such as
AI, big data, and IoT, changing the
paradigm of manufacturing sites.

LG CNS Factova consists of various solutions.
Segmented solutions are provided by domain such as production planning and facility control to allow clients to utilize only the solutions they require.

Factova MES

It is a smart factory solution addresses aspect of production, operational efficiency, and worker convenience simultaneously. It manages production plans on a yearly/monthly basis by integrating production, materials, quality, and facility data.
* MES(Manufacturing Execution System)

Factova iPharmMES

It is a smart factory solution optimized for the pharmaceutical industry which operates under complex and strict regulations. It automates all processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, from raw material management to packaging.

Factova SPC

It is a smart factory solution that efficiently manages process levels and variations using statistical analysis methods to maintain product quality characteristics.
*SPC: Statistical Process Control

Factova RMS

It is a smart factory solution that parameterizes and manages the necessary working condition data (recipes)
during equipment operation for optimization of major production facilities.
*RMS: Recipe Management System

Factova View

It is a smart factory solution that provides real-time monitoring of various
industrial equipment to ensure operation under optimal conditions.

Factova Control

It is a smart factory solution that allows you to quickly and easily build a control system without specialized programming knowledge for various facilities at the manufacturing site.

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