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Growing Together/Fair Trade

LG CNS grows together with
partner companies based on trust.

U-Camp, IT Talent Development Program for Supplier

Since 2006, LG CNS has been providing U-Camp, a 10-week professional developer education course, to those who are employeed in the suppliers. LG CNS provides education on new technologies such as AI, cloud, and blockchain to help those who have completed U-Camp to grow into professional developers who can be placed into real projects. By 2021, about 1,000 new employees of suppliers have received education benefits. Furthermore, LG CNS operates an online recruitment center from time to time for suppliers who are having difficulties hiring personnel.

Online/Offline Education Status for Suppliers

(As of 2020)

CategoryOnline EducationOffline Education
Number of Courses Opened30 Courses2 Courses (reduced due to COVID-19)
Course Completion (Persons)Approx. 19,000 peopleApprox. 160 people
Main ContentTechnology, policy, work knowledgeTechnology and recruitment support education

Startup Monster, an External Venture Development Program

LG CNS operates Startup Monster, which supports external ventures.
LG CNS provides financial support and expert mentoring, as well as opportunities to collaborate with LG affiliates. Through this, LG CNS and startups are discovering new businesses based on new technologies and sharing their achievements.

Promoting Joint R&D, Marketing, and Business

LG CNS shares a vision with its suppliers and promotes joint R&D, marketing, and projects with suppliers with technological capabilities.
In particular, LG CNS is working hard to secure future growth engines and build a sustainable win-win growth system through collaboration with suppliers in overseas business.