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Environmental Management

LG CNS practices environmental management
with eco-friendly technologies.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certified

Environmental Management System
(ISO 14001)

LG CNS has acquired and maintained the certification of environmental management system (ISO 14001). This certification evaluates, includes all factors affecting the relations between environments and all related business activities to improve environmental quality in accordance with the requirements of the ISO.

Safety and Health Management System
(ISO 45001)

LG CNS has also acquired and maintained the certification of safety and health management system (ISO 45001). This certifies that the system improves safety and health through the establishment, implementation, inspection, correction, and review of safety and health policies in accordance with ISO international standards.

Brill Awards Winner

The LG CNS Busan data center was selected as an outstanding data center in the design field at the Brill Awards, the most prestigious award in the data center industry, selected annually by the Uptime Institute.

Consideration of energy efficiency and safety from the design stage was highly praised. At the time, the LG CNS Busan Data Center applied the world’s only data center chimney system, “Pungdo,” and the world’s first patented “built-up outdoor air cooling system.” By introducing the first seismic isolation facilities in Korea, LG CNS was able to provide uninterrupted service to customers even in the event of an earthquake of 8.0 on the Richter scale.

A panoramic view of LG CNS Busan Data Center, which was selected as the best designed data center at the 2014 Brill Awards