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Smart City

LG CNS is creating
a future city for a better life,
focusing on mobility and data.

LG CNS formed the ‘O1 Consortium’ with large, small and
medium-sized enterprises to implement the first Korean national pilot smart city project, ‘Sejong Smart City’.

In the O1 Consortium, companies from mobility, healthcare, smart homes, finance, retail, 5G, and other industries are participating to create the cities of the future. The ‘O’ of the O1 Consortium stands for ‘origin’, symbolizes the structure of Sejong Smart City formed in a circle. ‘1’ means embracing the city based on data.

LG CNS aims to provide innovative city services to citizens
by providing an environment to analyze and utilize city data.

  • Creating a data ecosystem where citizens can participate in

    • Collecting/analyzing citizens’ needs and complaints regarding city services to reflect on city services
    • Building an environment to analyze city data and develop new services
  • Integrated management of city data

    • Processing city data generated from various devices such as mobility, smartphones, and smart home appliances
    • Establishing a system to set data standards and improve data quality
  • Connecting to existing city infrastructure

    • Securing interoperability with data from other local governments and various public institutions

LG CNS provides smart services in various areas related to smart cities,
such as mobility, healthcare, and education.

Key projects conducted by LG CNS

  • Sejong

    Designated as a representative private enterprise for building a national pilot city

  • Jeju

    Establishment of a special strategy for the smart city demonstration complex

  • Jeju

    National strategic project
    smart city R&D

  • Haenam

    Solaseado Smart City master plan

  • Magok

    Establishment of U-City

  • Chungra

    Establishment of U-City

  • Pangyo

    Establishment of U-City

  • Daejeon

    Establishment of
    Future-X – U-City

  • Seoul

    Establishment of
    U-Seoul master plan

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