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Smart Factory

LG CNS is leading intelligent factory
with new IT such as AI, big data, and IoT,
and is changing the paradigm of
manufacturing sites.

Factova is an LG CNS smart factory platform
that can quickly respond to changes in the manufacturing paradigm such as hyper-connection, hyper-automation,
and super-intelligence. It aims for a manufacturing site that maximizes competitiveness (for quality, cost, logistics) by applying new IT in the value chain of the entire manufacturing process
(product planning, product design, parts supply, production operation, logistics, environment, safety, energy, etc.).

It utilizes proven know-hows in various industrial sites such automobiles, electronics, construction machinery, etc.

Production lines are standardized to enable a quick response to rapidly changing market conditions.

Production lines can be easily added and combined according to market conditions by modularizing the production lines of different factories.

Work efficiency is maximized with a user-oriented system configuration.

Data in a variety of formats can be integrated by complying with international standards.

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