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Jeong-do Management

LG CNS pursues ethical management based on
LG's unique behavioral method of Jeong-Do management.

LG Way and
Jeong-do Management

LG Way

The LG Way is LG’s unique corporate culture, in which LG’s management philosophies of ‘Creating Values for Customers’ and ‘People-oriented Management’ are practiced through ‘Jeong-Do management’ with the ultimate aim of achieving ‘No. 1 LG.’

Jeong-do Management

Jeong-do management is LG’s ethical management and code of conduct to enable capability development and fair competition.

of a Professional Organization

LG CNS operates a dedicated unit in charge of Jeong-Do management as an organization directly under the CEO for conducting regular, ad hoc, and special investigations.
In addition, the Ethics Secretariat in the Jeong-Do Management Unit carries out tasks such as report assessment, propagation of Jeong-Do management education and culture, establishment of related systems , and operation of a counseling center.