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Growing Together/Fair Trade

LG CNS grows together with
partner companies based on trust.

「The Best Honorary Company
LG CNS」 for Growing Together

LG CNS received the highest grade in the Win-Win Index evaluation by the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership in 2022. LG CNS has won the highest grade for five consecutive years and was named the ‘best honorary company.’

LG CNS is creating a fair and transparent trading culture based on trust with its partner companies, cultivating a sustainable mutual growth ecosystem by supporting its partner companies in various ways to strengthen their competitiveness.

Key Performances

(As of 2022)

  • Highest grade
    of Win-Win Index
    for five consecutive years

  • Raised KRW 40 billion
    for the mutual growth fund

  • Approx. 600
    employees of partner companies
    took ethical management training courses

Performance Summary

Key Management IssuesPeriodMain Activities
Communication with Partner Companies
and Reinforcement of Communication
All Year Round– Workshop for the CEOs of partner companies
– Operation of an outsourcing cooperative association
(partner companies association)
– Voice Of Supplier (VOS) operation at all times
Activities to Strengthen the Competitiveness
of Partner Companies
As Necessary– Support for technological data escrow system
– Support for trade secret original certification
verification service
– Efforts for overseas joint ventures
Expansion of Financial Support for SuppliersAs Necessary– Financial support for partner companies
(direct support, win-win fund, and network loan)
– 100% cash payment
Enhancing Fairness and TransparencyMay ~ August– CSR diagnosis of major suppliers