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Press Release

LG CNS Launches ‘AI Center’ to Pioneer Initiatives in Enterprise AI


■ Consolidation of technology research, business development and operation organizations to strengthen collaborations for AI-based business innovation

■ Providing six generative AI offerings: ‘Enterprise Knowledge Intelligence,’ ‘Visual Content Generation,’ ‘Future Contact Center,’ among others

■ Continued collaboration with big tech firms such as Microsoft, Google and Anthropic to maintain leadership in Korean generative AI technology

■ Establishment of generative AI solution lineup that encompasses the DAP GenAI Platform, multimodal DRAG, AI Coding and more

SEOUL, Korea (Feb. 01, 2024) – LG CNS, a leading DX (Digital Transformation) company, has established its ‘AI Center’ specialized in enterprise AI through the consolidation of its AI technology research, business development and operation organizations.

LG CNS is now strengthening its generative AI service operations with its all-new AI Center at the forefront. This center boasts the ‘Generative AI Business Unit’ dedicated to the exploration of generative AI businesses in collaboration with corporate clients, the ‘AI Business Unit’ which engages in distinctive AI operations including the Future Contact Center (FCC), and the ‘AI Research Institute’ which comprises four AI LABs specializing in language, vision, AI engineering, data centric research areas. LG CNS is also launching a business system that seamlessly connects AI research to practical projects to revolutionize its enterprise clients’ businesses.

LG CNS provides six generative AI solutions: ‘Enterprise Knowledge Intelligence,’ ‘Visual Content Generation,’ ‘Digital Workspace Intelligence’, ‘FCC,’ ‘Generative BI (Business Intelligence)’ and ‘AI Coding.’

Starting this year, LG CNS is taking a significant step into diverse industries such as finance, manufacturing, distribution and the public sector, with a strong emphasis on its six major generative AI offerings. The company is actively driving initiatives such as developing a business document search service using ChatGPT for a leading Korean bank and creating generative AI services for images to streamline the product design process for a prominent Korean manufacturing company. LG CNS is also in discussions with numerous companies regarding the application of its generative AI.

At the forefront of Korea’s generative AI sector, LG CNS is collaborating with several global big tech companies. In April 2023, the company forged a partnership with Microsoft and is currently progressing a business, leveraging the ‘Azure OpenAI Service.’ In early August, through LG Technology Ventures, the company invested in U.S. startup, Anthropic. Additionally, LG CNS is actively discussing generative AI cooperation strategies with Google Cloud and AWS.

LG CNS has developed its own lineup of generative AI solutions, encompassing the DAP GenAI platform, multimodal Engine DRAG (Drawing with Generative AI) and AI Coding, to provide its corporate clients with the most optimal generative AI services.

‘DAP GenAI’ is a platform its enterprise clients can utilize to develop generative AI services with customized language. By leveraging hyper-scale AI models such as OpenAI’s ‘GPT-4,’ Anthropic’s ‘Claude,’ Google’s ‘PaLM2,’ and the LG AI Research Institute’s ‘EXAONE,’ LG CNS can create tailored services like document summarization, product recommendations and report generation, meeting clients’ specific needs and situations. This is part of LG CNS’s ‘Optimized Multi-LLM strategy’, a client-oriented approach that harnesses the power of various hyper-scale AI technologies.

Furthermore, LG CNS has developed ‘DRAG,’ a generative AI for images based on multimodal capabilities that lets marketing professionals and non-experts alike craft purpose-specific images, which can reduce their working hours. LG CNS also unveiled ‘AI Coding,’ a generative AI for developing codes that supports developers in building systems, applications and services. By adhering to commonly used coding standards, AI Coding boosts developers’ productivity by over 30%.

In the past year, LG CNS undertook over 20 generative AI Proof of Concepts (PoC) alongside its enterprise clients. For example, for a leading bank client, LG CNS developed a service that utilizes ChatGPT in the field of investment product customer consultations to assist bank staff in managing customer inquiries so that they are not required to memorize hundreds of investment product descriptions.

“LG CNS’s strength lies in the close collaboration between our talented AI and data teams, working together to enhance the exceptional AI services we offer to our corporate clients,” said Yohan Chin, head of the AI Center at LG CNS D&A (Data Analytics & AI) Division. “Through this new AI Center, we aim to maximize business innovation for our enterprise clients.”

[Photo]LG CNS AI Center Launching Ceremony (From right) CEO of LG CNS Shin Gyoon Hyun, AI Business Professional Leader Kyungil Kim,
Head of AI Center Yohan Chin, Head of D&A Business Eddie Jang, Vice President of AI Research In